Expert's Advice: Fun Travelling Project With Alex Kovacova

21 May 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Meet our travel expert Alex, the owner of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler blog. She is a young and energetic girl who found the meaning of life in travel. Alex is passionate about many things - you can read about hiking, healthy lifestyle, snorkelling, spa, animals, beaches, city breaks, swimming, massaging and other experiences from around the world. We've asked Alex to share her insight on having fun, living the life of travel and thought about her fun travelling experince.

Alex, your blog is full of so many different categories. You write about a lot but could you define one main reason driving you to travel?

Yes, that is easy. Traveling makes me alive, it makes me be fully present in the here and now. I travel to enjoy every single moment of my life to the fullest. Then, it is just the many different activities that I enjoy doing, hence so many different topics on my blog.

Did you have any fears before becoming a traveller?

on the beach

It was such a long time ago that I do not even remember. I did not let myself think much about it as I didn't want to get scared. Logic might have won otherwise. Thankfully, it was my intuition that won telling me to just leave everything and go. It was now or never. However, sometimes I do feel kind of worried when I don't know where I am going to sleep or how to get to a hotel. But it would be boring if there were no challenges. Being brave is rewarding.

Do you usually travel with friends or would you rather find friends once arriving in the new place?

Most of my time I travel on my own, sometimes with family, or friends, or other travel bloggers. It really depends but I have definitely no problem finding new friends on the road.

Alex, could you share how you manage to find sponsors for your trips?

the Grand Canyon

Well, everyone asks me that. You need to have followers, fans and readers to get some sponsors. I only reach out to those companies that have a similar concept or audience so it makes sense to all the parties involved. I always explain everything in detail, what I would do/write/share, why I think they should sponsor me and what I expect from them. It is necessary to be very clear. Of course, many sponsors reach out to me, too. They already understand what I do so it is easier to work with them.

What were the reasons you started your own blog?

Insomnia. That was the main reason. I used to suffer from chronic insomnia when I was working a a stewardess in Southern Italy and one night at 4 am I had enough, googled travel blog and told myself that if others could do it, me too. I can be very stubborn, as you see :) Traveling is one of the things I love the most so it's been more than 4,5 years that I have been travel blogging.

Was there a country or a city you fell in love with immediately?


Yes, Barcelona and the surroundings, and Mexico, my favorite city and country. Then I love Patagonia and the Andes, Costa Rica, Philippines, Iceland ...

What is the first thing you do when planning a new trip?

Hm, I start planning? I check out the weather there and the activities I can do there at that time of the year and then reach out to possible sponsors.

Travelling so much must have taught you a lot. Would you share the lessons you learnt while travelling?

There are good and bad people in every country, mostly there are people who are very good and who are willing to help strangers. Travelers do not have time to go on dates and flirting is usually very quick. You can make best friends while traveling. And personally, I learned a lot about myself – finally have some patience, learned not to think too much about the things I cannot change and only spend my energy on those I can do something about. I think traveling taught me way more than years at school!

Did you come to your healthy lifestyle before travelling or was it travelling that motivated you to do so?

n Rome

Already before traveling. Back at the University I used to work as a healthy lifestyle consultant and been always trying to stay fit, even though it is not so easy for me as I was born with just 2/3 of the lungs which makes it hard when exercising as I don't get enough oxygen. Anyway, many people started to ask me how I stay fit when traveling, so I made a new blog for that and wrote an ebook in Slovak about the topic. Hopefully this year there will be one in English, too. I also practice a lot of yoga and I try to be as much raw vegan as possible, which attracts a lot of attention and questions as well.

Alex, what are your rules of travelling safe?

Listen to my intuition. When it says it is wrong to go somewhere, I just don't. I used to travel with a pepper spray but don't any more. I smile a lot, wear a ring that looks like a marriage ring to avoid annoying guys and I always pretend I know exactly where I am going even though I have absolutely no idea. If necessary, I say I practice Thai boxing (not a lie) and I will call police. It always works :)

In your opinion, what types of accommodation are the best to stay in while abroad?

in San Francisco

I guess it all depends on what kind of person and traveler you are and what you are looking for. I used to stay at hostels years ago but now stay at nice hotels also because I need my peace and quiet to both work online and sleep, and because I have been doing Adventure and Spa project where I try many different spas in hotels and then write about them. I also love eating fresh quality food so for me the best accommodations are good hotels. However, not every destination has some and sometimes even I have to camp or stay at hostels.

In the end, what travel motivating advice could you share with us?

Do not wait for the perfect moment, it will never be perfect. There will always be people trying to convince you not to travel, parents giving you all the logical reasons why traveling is dangerous, or that nice apartment you have been living at recently you don't want to leave yet. Or friends, a partner, other plans, boring job, not enough money, etc. … But my advice is not to wait. If you are sure you would love traveling, go NOW.

We thank Alex for sharing her optimistic outlook and amazing experience with us and we wish her to discover more fascinating destinations and have fun non-stop. She is a true inspiration for every wanderluster out there.

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