Extreme Activities to Try in Spring and Summer

09 Apr 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Extreme is a relative word depending on one’s propensity for adventure. However, if it is some adrenaline rushing activities which you seek, then in Europe you shall find. While most extreme activities in spring and summer could also be enjoyed all year round, certain factors such as weather and accessibility become significant variables when looking for suitable options which make spring and summer the best time to engage in such activities. Here are some of them.


Cycling trip

You could always choose a city with rolling hills when it comes to cycling, and even more so in spring and summer. The region of Provence in France comes to mind: going downhill accompanied by a cool breeze while enjoying the variety of sights ranging from ancient Roman aqueducts to little villages which offer different traditional twists. Did we mention that your legs would also be thankful for the exercise?


Hiking never goes out of favor regardless of the season. The highlands of Scotland would be your best option during the spring, just when the greens and the purples of nature’s collection of diverse flora start to bloom again after how many months of harsh snow. As long as you wear comfortable hiking footwear, you are guaranteed to enjoy nature as well as old castles ubiquitous in the background.


River rafting

Together with kayaking, this activity is a good alternative for many thrill seekers, especially in areas once frozen or filled with snow. The melting ice which signals the coming of spring makes rafting more enjoyable and less of a risk. Regions which are popular for such activity include the French Pyrenees. Hiking around this area, however, is best reserved for the months leading to a hotter summer.

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As popular as it is in winter, trekking could be the perfect activity for summer thanks to the more favorable temperature welcoming you. If you decide to head north, like Norway, for example, then your trekking adventure could be done in tandem with skiing and dog sledding. Glacier walks and hiking are perfect for the spring because of newly melted snow which opens up easier paths and trails for everyone to enjoy. As an added bonus, you might just get a view of the alluring midnight sun.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping extreme

Not really an activity exclusive to spring or spring, but packs the most thrill, bungee jumping is something which you could do all year round. While Europe does not offer the highest jumps, it does so from the most thrilling jump-off points such as bridges, aside from the more traditional towers and skyscrapers.

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