Grandparent and Grandchild Friendly Holidays

22 Feb 2019 by Olga Brighton

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Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Especially as it’s a pass time that spans all generations. Holidays for grandparents and their grandchildren can be a wonderfully rewarding way for them to spend quality time together – so why not consider a multi-generational, or “3G holiday” this year?

Considering the needs of a wide range of ages doesn’t have to be challenging if you select the right location and prepare in advance. As long as you stay flexible with your daily routine, leave space for everyone to enjoy what they like, you can have a stress-free holiday with grandparents and grandkids. Most grandparents will be very happy to babysit grandchildren, or take them out for the day, so a 3G break can be perfect for everyone – as long as you don’t assume that the grandparents will want to baby-sit 24/7!


Discuss what everyone wants to do in advance and think about the type of accommodation that will suit you. Self-catering can be a perfect flexible option and there are more deals and specialist websites than ever. You might need more space than you usually have; or a pool to entertain all ages; interconnecting rooms; accommodation on one level; 2 bathrooms?

Don’t leave one person to do all the cooking and chores if you opt for self-catering. It’s everyone’s holiday remember! Take turns and include the kids – it can be fun and avoid tension if there are ‘too many cooks’ in the kitchen!

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Be clear on expectations right from the outset. Such as rules with kids – bed time; permitted treats; rides at the fair they can go on. Guidelines for gown-ups help too - What time everyone likes to wake-up (or not be woken up!); how will you split bills?; is quiet-time needed after lunch?

Don’t forget to check everyone is covered by travel insurance. Mishaps and illness is more likely when travelling with kids and grandparents, so check the latest deals and get covered if you’re thinking of taking a 3G holiday.

One of the easiest 3G holiday options is a family cruise. Marella Cruises are family friendly and offer excellent kids facilities. However, if you don’t fancy a cruise, you can pretty much take your pick of 100’s of destinations, as long as you do your homework in advance and select a climate, location, accommodation and itinerary to suit your family’s special time together. Why not try:


Rialto bridge, Venice

It offers great value for money with excellent accommodation and amazing low cost food options compared to some of its rivals and its one of the most child friendly places on earth thanks to its infamous family centred culture. With fantastic beach resorts and iconic attractions like Venice, Pisa, Florence and Rome, there really is something for all ages. Its home to pizza, pasta and the widest selection of the best gelato in the world. And that’s before you think about a Tuscan wine or Veneto prosecco. Italy is steeped in history and culture and the south has good weather for most of the year, so you can take your pick when you visit and avoid peak season.



A firm family favourite because of its pace of life and warm climate. Plenty of beaches, and accommodation choices so its easy to find a quiet spot to relax. Portugal is family friendly and safe and the food is delicious. If you get tired of the beach or pool, try family golf, or a traditional festival, or a day trip to coastal Lisbon and explore the beautiful neighbourhood of Alfama with it’s cobbled streets and view the Visigoth and Moorish architecture. Also nearby Sintra has been called one of the most beautiful towns in all of Portugal.


London, England

For those who live here, a ‘Staycation’ is becoming increasingly popular, and for those that don’t, there is the widest variety of entertainment here. England is home to some of the most unique and beautiful coastlines and countryside in the world. From the stunning North Yorkshire coast to quaint Cornish fishing villages, there are endless options depending on your preferences and budget. If you’re looking for a city break, consider Bath, York, or of course, the nation’s capital – London. All are geared up with activities and interests for all ages, including free museums, galleries, city bus or walking tours to suit your interests.

Orlando, Fl

Universal Studio, Orlando

If you are prepared to splash out a bit and treat grandchildren to a trip of a life time, opt for Orlando, Florida. It’s a perfect destination for kids and grown-ups alike. Florida sees hot sunshine virtually all year long. The food is great; the locals are friendly; the beaches are awesome, but it’s the Theme Parks that are the star attractions here. Home to some of the world’s iconic theme parks, it’s a must to include Disney or Universal on your itinerary. There are plenty of websites and specialist tour operators who can help with booking the right break for you that combines fresh air, fun for kids and adrenalin rides for all who dare.

Wherever you go this year, stay safe and review the FCO's latest travel advice and be sure to take out the best comprehensive travel insurance you can find.

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