How to Avoid 10 Most Common Travel Safety Mishaps

07 Oct 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Travelling is fun but there will always be risks, like getting lost in a crowded tourist spot. You can lessen these risks by following these tips on how to avoid the ten most common travel safety mishaps:

1. Keep your cool when you’re lost

lost tourists

Getting lost is a common mishap for most tourists. The key is to keeping your cool. Be discrete as possible as you don’t want to become an easy target for unscrupulous elements. Your last resort would be to go to a nearby hotel and hail a taxi from a reputable company.

2. Keep copies of your documents

Tourists are at risk of losing their important documents like passport and visa. You don’t want to lose these essentials as it can be a real pain to replace them. Keep copies of your documents as this may speed up the replacement process should the worst happen.

3. Be wary of pickpockets

Pickpockets like to victimise tourists who flock crowded places. Hide your cash in a belt and not in a wallet. Use clothing that has zipped buttons. And be careful when in crowded places, like public markets.

4. Carry out safety checks before driving

Tourists are also prone to road accidents on unfamiliar roads. If you are driving whilst on holiday, conduct a thorough inspection of the car you are renting. Check the tyre pressure, and ensure the car has functioning headlights and wipers. Needless to say, you should always observe the speed limit.

5. Limit or avoid alcohol intake

Alcoholic Drinks

Getting intoxicated while on vacation poses a lot of security risks. Excessive alcohol intake may make you prone to accidents, or losing valuables. Try to avoid drinking too many, or be wary of drinking with strangers, no matter how kind they seem to be.

6. Be wary of new people

Don’t be too trusting. Of course you want to make new friends while you’re away but just because people seem nice, you shouldn’t let your guard down, especially when you’re in an unknown place.

7. Check with your insurer about your coverage

Getting sick on the road can ruin your trip, especially if you find out that an illness incurred on a vacation is not covered by your insurance policy. Double-check with your insurer exactly what is and isn’t covered before you leave.

8. Listen to your intuition

There’s no way to tell that your hotel is safe, especially if it is your first stay there. So if you don’t have a good feeling about the place you are staying in, you might as well leave and find a new hotel to stay. After all, you’d rather pay for a new hotel than lose your valuables. Always listen to your gut.

9. Secure your bags when commuting

Travel Bag

Public transportation can expose you to pickpockets, so you must always secure your things. It doesn’t matter where you are or how safe you feel, securing your stuff should be second nature to you.

10. Check tour operators before boating

Before you go on a boating trip, make sure that the operator is certified. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that the boat personnel are capable of action in case of emergencies, and that the boat has adequate security equipment.

You can be as careful as you like but accidents happen and it’s always best to know that you’re protected if something went wrong. With a reliable travel insurance policy, you’ve got the best help available if your trip takes a turn for the worse.

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