How Not to Get Robbed While Travelling

09 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

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When it comes to safety when travelling, appearance and behavior are the most important things. The most common trouble that may happen when on a trip is robbery. Thieves pick their victims based upon appearance and behavior. Tourists are known to carry around lots of money and to look like non-local. Being a tourist, it will make you an easy target for pickpockets. We always think it can happen with others, not to us. Unfortunately, it is not true. However, sometimes we, travelers, can minimize the risk of losing money and valuables and prevent robbery by taking some measures. So, go ahead and read on.

1. How to Dress Up

Travel dress up

First thing that you should know is that a classic style is always good because it is always fashionable and neutral at the same time. It will not easily identify you as a tourist. As you know black color is a main representative of the classic style. In black slacks or jacket you will look much more polished than in jeans and T-shirt. As for footwear, the best shoes are black leather shoes together with wool socks. Dressed like this you will not stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the way you are dressed while travelling around the world is the first important factor that affects your safety. Let’s see what you should or should not wear visiting different countries around the world.

Europe (Italy, Spain etc.) and Mexico

Many European countries are conservative. So, your style should also be conservative especially when visiting different churches and cathedrals. Don’t wear shorts, mini skirts, tennis shoes, T-shirts. Your shoulders and chest should be covered up. Wear long cotton skirts (for women) and light pants (for men); remember to have long sleeves. However, when visiting some cities as Paris (France) you can dress up more than you would in most other places. Here you could use your creativity. If you wear simple clothes you will definitely differ from others on the street.

Asia (India, Iran, Thailand, Pakistan, China and so on)

These countries are more conservative than the previous ones. So, even a blouse may be interpreted as disrespectful or inappropriate in these countries. There are special national clothes in each of the countries that you could purchase in local stores. So, when planning a trip to Asia, be very careful with what to wear as, for example, in Japan white colour signifies death.

Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Morocco etc.)

Dress up South Africa

Don't wear anything white because it will quickly get dirty. Wear loose-fitting, quick drying clothes as it is very hot there. There are a lot of tribes in Africa so all have different traditional outfit styles. For instance, Kenyan women wear loose-fitting, mid-calf long skirts or dresses. You can dress the same way to be “at home”. Also don’t forget to take a bandana or a cap in order not to get sunstroke.

North America

Black is the best color for clothes when travelling to Canada. When staying in the U.S. it is up to you what to wear because the diversity of the country will let you be dressed up according to your preference. It is more likely local people will not mind your outfit, especially in big cities. In general, the best idea of clothes to have on a trip are things that are synthetic, easy care fabric in a dark color. As you see black is best in most cities!

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2. How to Behave

Rule 1. The first rule is following: always walk with a sense of purpose and conviction. If you look lost and confused you make yourself an easy mark for thieves. Your expression and body language is also important. If you are walking around with a wide-opened eyes thief will target you readily.

Rule 2. The second rule is not to be drunk. Drunk people are very vulnerable and look miserable as well. They are too easy mark for even inexperienced rogues.

Rule 3. The third rule is as follows: try not to look rich and show off. You dramatically increase your chances of getting robbed in case if you are flush with money. You should look like you are not carrying much money. If you still have much money put them together with other expensive things where thieves won’t expect. And again, way of the looking is a sense of purpose, even if it is artificial. Therefore, have the image of a well-prepared and intelligent traveler.

3. How to Speak

Communication skills in travel and tourism

The last element is that how you choose to communicate. Language singles out tourists among local people. Thus, your manner of talking means a lot.

Rule 1. Ask direct questions and speak with confidence (even when asking for direction).

Rule 2. Talk the way that you are not a tourist. Imagine that you are an out-of-town-er who is visiting friends or relatives and act that way.

Rule 3. Don’t talk to people who look suspicious.

Rule 4. Try to be prepared for your trip and learn the area before you go there in order no to be fooled by wrong directions.

Rule 5. Know how to say basic words in the language of your target country. Don’t forget that body language is a global language – use it if you need to explain something.

To summarize, there will always be pickpockets and thieves so be aware and safe. Don’t let thieves spoil your trip. Always watch your passport and money in order not to ruin your travel plans. Try to blend in with the crowd and respect traditions of other cultures. Behave, dress up, and walk while travelling in appropriate way in order not to get in trouble. Remember, there are always things that you could have done better!

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