How to Plan a Trip like a Pro

28 Jul 2015 by Olga Brighton

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While some travellers say it is great to be spontaneous, others are sure that the best trip is a well-planned trip. In case you belong to the latter, here is a list of actions that might help you in planning a good trip from the scratch.

1) Choose your destination wisely

Choose destination

In is always better to plan a trip to a city than to the whole country e.g. pick Prague instead of Czech Republic. The more specific your must-see attractions are, the more prepared you can be when visiting them.

2) Research your destination

Use forums to read real travellers’ stories with all their happy findings and sad mishaps. Travel guides are very helpful as an initial preparation material, and people’s reviews are perfect to complement that. Be aware of weather, culture, money issues, food, etiquette, driving differences, etc.

3) Consider right timing

right timing

Your vacation dates may not be the main factor when planning a trip. Do you want to enjoy famous places during tourism blooming seasons or would you rather prefer the off-season discounts and less crowded routes?

4) Plan a flexible itinerary

Have alternative places in your agenda in case something goes wrong. For instance, it’s not a bad idea to visit a famous local exhibition if the weather conditions suddenly deteriorate and you couldn’t go on you planned excursion.

5) Consider the budget

Travel budget

Count everything as precisely as you can. Transportation, accommodation, food and attractions visiting are not everything. Remember that you might need a taxi, extra clothes or car hire, don’t forget about some tipping and buying souvenirs.

6) Make your reservations

Once you decide when and where you want to be and how much you are ready to spend, it’s time to book flights and accommodations. Don’t wait till the last moment. The best time is around two months prior to the trip. Many attractions also have online booking which will save you both money and time.

travel insurance

7) Purchase travel insurance

Who knows what may happen during the time remaining on your trip. Natural disasters, health conditions, airline failures, personal circumstances, etc. In case you have to re-schedule or cancel a fully planned and booked trip, it’s great to be compensated and able to travel in the near future.

8) Prepare your documents

Some countries need visa, others have specific driving licence requirements, and so you’d best find out about any of these requirments before you leave. Scan them and have the copies in your smartphone or tablet.

Pack well

9) Pack well

Remember that almost everyone packs more that he or she actually needs. Make a list of what you need. Pack in advance to have time for reconsidering it. Take your packing list with you in case youк baggage is lost and you need to itemise what’s inside of it. For the same purpose, take a picture of your bags once they’re packed. This will also be helpful if you lose them.

10) Notify a friend or family members about your itinerary

Stay in touch to let them know that everything is ok with yourslef and the trip.

11) Leave all you problems behind and go!

Travelling is always a good idea irrespectively of your age, profession or budget. Use any opportunities to see the world and have great trips.

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