How to Stay Safe While Travelling Alone

27 Sep 2012 by Olga Brighton

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What is travelling alone about?

It is about independence, freedom, responsibility and self-sufficiency. These 4 factors let us make our own decisions of where to go, when to go etc., choose what and with whom to spend time, feel a country’s spirit, experience unique routes, and challenge ourselves.

However, these 4 factors can be positive as well as negative. In view of these 4 factors, “travelling alone” can be dangerous because from time immemorial some people always encroached upon others’ people independence, rights and freedom.

That is why our aim is to help you stay safe when travelling alone.

Test the waters before you go

Even if you are a beginner, try to act as an experienced traveller. Always make a research before your trip and study your map before you leave. Make sure you know your itinerary well. Get some advices from people, who have experienced the same location, about whether it is safe. In modern world people have so many possibilities to plan all steps in advance using Internet. How strange it is that they don’t use them at full capacity and suffer afterwards. Don’t join their ranks.

Choose your accommodation carefully

Before choosing accommodation search about different areas of your destination place and try to select a less criminal area. The most appropriate place to stay at is the place that is located in a crowded and open space area. Maybe it is possible to save some money by booking accommodation outside the city than somewhere closer to centre, but think what is more important: your money or your well-being?

Travelling Alone

Bring the right things on a trip

When you are travelling alone, you should be very careful. Don’t take unnecessary things that will make your bag too heavy and will only hold you back. Don’t take valuables because these are the first items that will expose you to danger. Don’t keep cash in your wallet, better use credit or debit card since you can take out cash from ATM.

Keep in touch with your family / friends

Let somebody from your family (or your trusted friend) be aware of your routes. Try to contact him/her from time to time and tell where you are. In case you have troubles, it may help to locate your position. Don’t forget to give a copy of your passport to this trusted person.

Find friends among locals in advance

No doubt, it is dangerous to hang out alone all day and night. Besides, it is boring. So, it is necessary to find good and reliable companions. However, be cautious about meeting random companions from the street, nobody knows his/her intentions. It is better to get acquainted with some people in advance. It is so easy now to find great online friends using, Facebook and different forums. Besides, they could give you practical and solid advice.

Women, take more precautions than usual

Sometimes travelling alone can be more dangerous for women because they are weaker than men. So, they should take more precautions than usual. Here is some advice that we recommend you to follow. Don’t wear provocative clothes; don’t bring valuables and expensive electronics. Don’t look confused and don’t appear to be travelling alone. If you get in an awkward situation, start being an actor (as a woman, you should know how to do this ;)).

Double caution at night.

Always take double caution at night time. Don’t walk alone at night in an unfamiliar place. It is always more fun to hang out in a company of pleasant people. Try not to return to a hotel/hostel alone late. And the last one, try always to have some cash on hand for a cab.

And the most important, don't forget to order travel insurance policy - a guarantee of your successful trip. Nothing brings a rainbow to your life as good as new impressions. If you follow all these tips and advice, you will have twice as many positive impressions in your life!

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