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23 January 2009

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Influenza Newsletter October 2007

Influenza is a serious illness, caused by a virus. Its symptoms include bouts of shivering, sweating, high fever, muscle aches and pains, weakness, dry cough, and extreme tiredness, and are extremely debilitating. Some individuals are at risk of serious complications. People with flu can spread the infection even before they themselves begin to feel ill. Crowded conditions, commonly experienced while travelling, encourage spread of infection, for example those attending pilgrimages, in aircraft, waiting rooms, buses, bars, hotels and on cruises.

Travellers may wish to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of an important short trip being disrupted by an incapacitating preventable illness. Protect yourself, your children and your colleagues this year. The 'flu vaccine has been delayed this year and will not be available anywhere in the UK until late October. A single 'flu vaccine at our clinic costs £20. We are offering a combination of this years 'flu vaccine plus a Tamiflu' which is an antiviral treatment for influenza, including avian 'flu, for the exclusive price of £110.

Yellow fever

What is yellow fever? An extremely serious, often fatal tropical disease that is rife in central Africa, and Southern America. Infected mosquitoes spread it. 60% of people unvaccinated, die if bitten by a mosquito carrying the yellow fever virus.

Do I need a vaccination? Since the disease is so devastating many countries which are now free of yellow fever require evidence that those entering the country have been immunised. You may need to check whether this vaccine is mandatory for the country you are travelling. It is worth considering that not all outbreaks of yellow fever are reported, particularly in areas with poor communication.


60-80% of travellers become ill, either whilst travelling or in the first month of their return mostly from diarrhoea problems.

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