Thinking of Joining the Boom in Cruise Holidays?

21 Jun 2018 by Olga Brighton

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Are you, or any of your family or friends thinking of taking cruise holidays this year? Did you know that the popularity of cruise breaks has boomed in recent years, with more choice available than ever before to suit all budgets?

Once seen as the choice of the rich, or more mature traveller, cruises now offer outstanding value for all ages. According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), over 14% of Brits are considering a cruise break this year, with European river cruises being the fastest growing option. All-inclusive cruises are also a top-favourite with families as a way of reducing risks around currency fluctuations and minimising holiday budgeting stress, amidst ongoing Brexit drama.

Cruise journey

But before you get carried off on a wave of excitement at choosing your cruise break, be warned that your travel insurance may not cover you if you fall ill or have to cancel your holiday.

  • Less than 50% of travel policies cover cruise trips
  • You may have to pay an extra premium for this cover
  • You could get a gigantic medical or evacuation bill if you fall ill
  • Your costs if you have to cancel or curtail your trip won’t be covered

Even with the best planning, things do go wrong, so don’t take the risk of travelling without the right travel insurance cover in place. The likelihood of contracting a contagious infection increase significantly while on board a ship. And while all cruises will have medical facilities, these may not be sufficient if you are seriously ill or injured and a medical evacuated to the nearest suitable land-based medical facility will cost thousands.

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Cancelling or cutting short your cruise due to an emergency back home, could result in losing the costs of your holiday if you don’t take out the right cover.

Globelink covers cruises as standard on all policies, so there’s no need to pay extra for that essential peace of mind. Globelink also cover 50 pre-existing medical conditions and 100 adventure activities for free, so you can try out the mindboggling array of activities most cruises offer from yoga, rock climbing, salsa, surfing, and we’ll have you covered.

Cruise vacation

Finally, save money and be a savvy traveler by not simply opting for the tour operator, or cruise company insurance option. These are often more expensive and may not suit your insurance needs.

Whether you chose a firm favourite Mediterranean cruise, the Baltic, Caribbean, or Far East, do the sensible thing and get the right insurance in place as soon as you’ve booked your trip and check the FCO Travel Advice for up to date information on safety and security on your chosen location.

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