Step by Step Instructions of How to Pack your Bag

18 Aug 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Good packing skills are no less important than trip planning ones. The perfect trip is all about the details, such as the time of the year, interesting destination, good itinerary and light backpack or a suitcase. The latter is easy to master if you follow 5 steps and 20 tips given below of how to pack bag.

Step 1. Research and Plan

research and plan

1. Make a packing list of what you need to take in advance and try to minimise it once you actually pack. You may easily find a number of packing lists examples on the web.

2. Check your airline luggage weight limitation to pack accordingly and avoid extra charges.

Step 2. Prepare a suitcase

3. Get a unique suitcase or simply identify yours with a bright luggage strap to easily find your luggage on a conveyor belt. This will also be helpful in case your suitcase is delayed or lost and you have to report it. Also take a photo of your luggage before leaving for the same reason.

Step 3. Prepare documents

Passport and Money

4. Scan your passport and other important document before leaving the country and have the scans in your tablet or smartphone.

5. Make a copy of your passport and other documents and put them to your carry-on bag. Also, leave copies of your passport, travel insurance policy, ticket details, your itinerary and contact details with your family and friends.

Step 4. Choose clothes

6. Look what locals wear before leaving and dress alike not to stand out as a tourist. This will help you not to get robbed.

7. Plan your outfit for every day down to the small details and roll each set together.

8. Dress in accordance with your travel destination. Regardless the weather forecast, take a light jacket in your carry-on.

9. Choose the clothes rationally. One perfect pair of jeans and a classic white shirt or a T-shirt can look great on you every day matched with different scarves, belts and other accessories.

10. Use the 5-4-3-2-1 rule while choosing your clothes. In general, it says 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 pair of shoes and 1 swimming suit. This is enough for a one or maybe even two week trip.

Step 5. Pack smart

pack smart

11. Roll your clothes instead of folding. Smooth it first and then roll starting from the bottom part. Thus it will occupy less space and won’t be wrinkled.

12. Try using vacuum bags when packing. Things look three times smaller when packed in such bag. It is especially convenient for some crease-resistant items but even if you need to smooth it spray some water on it and use a simple hair dryer.

13. Use any space available. Your phone charger can easily be put into the spare shoes you take with you as well as the socks or other small things.

14. Use small size travel containers for any liquids you take. Besides making your bag lighter, they can be thrown away in the end of your trip, so you’ll have free space for souvenirs.

15. Use hair elastic to tie and transport wires.

16. Use packing foam peanuts to cover the sharp ends of anything you need to transport safely.

17. Coiled belt put inside your shirt collar won’t let it get rumpled.

More useful tips:

18. Ask for a phone charger at the hotel reception if you forgot to take your own one. They usually have plenty of forgotten chargers for practically any device.

19. Don’t carry too much cash and have in it a couple of places.

20. Remember to take power adapter if there are different types of electric outlets in the country you plan visiting.

Pack your bag smart and travel safe.

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