Strange Facts about Travelling in Autumn

23 Sep 2014 by Olga Brighton

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This particular season is strangely known by two different names: Americans refer to it as “fall” while Brits call it “autumn.” And before these references came into common use, this season was known as “harvest.”

You will see numerous squirrels collecting and burying nuts if you travel to the U.S. in autumn. These furry creatures store these nuts so they can eat them in winter. The strange part is that those nuts the squirrels bury but choose not to retrieve eventually sprout as new trees.


When travelling in Lybia you will experience neither a chill nor a cold in autumn because the country, considered one of the most arid locations around the world, is 99% covered in desert sand. In some of Libya’s regions, decades go by without even one drop of rain.

Daily temperatures in Las Vegas, Nevada rapidly decrease when autumn sets in but you would hardly notice this if you were in one of the many casinos operating there because you would not even be able to tell the time of day. There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos so people can gamble uninterrupted!

Celebrated in Japan as a public holiday, “Autumn Equinox Day” or “Higan No Chu-Nichi,” is a time when the Japanese honour their dead family members and relatives. Celebrated on the 8th lunar month’s 15th day, China’s Mid-Autumn Festival is considered as an official holiday.

Wherever you are travelling in autumn, remember that you can stand eggs on their ends only on two days each year: the spring and autumn equinoxes. Try placing an egg on a flat, hard surface on its larger end and then pulling away your hands carefully; the egg should remain on an upright position.


Travelling to Thailand? A must-see is the abandoned New World shopping mall which now houses a plethora of exotic fish. You have to have a good working knowledge of Bangkok’s geography to experience this strange but interesting bit of marine cornucopia.

If you are fortunate, you might catch the migration of a species of birds known as the Arctic Tern that once journeyed 11,000 miles if you are travelling in autumn. Another avian species, the bar goose, has been recorded to reach 28,000 when skimming the way to the Himalayan mountains.

Another site to visit when travelling in autumn is Rome’s Pasta Museum a.k.a. Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari or Museo della Pasta, dedicated entirely to pasta, with displays of various machines for making pasta, pasta-related artwork and paintings, and the basics of producing pasta including ingredients.

A chill is in the air in autumn, but visit Stockholm’s Absolut Ice Bar anyway where the temperature remains at -5°C and warm shawls and capes are provided for guests upon their entry. Why is that? Because the entire bar is made of ice, from the bar stools to the glasses from which drinks are sipped!

Stockholm’s Ice Bar

Spring and autumn can be the best times to travel. Remember to take out your travel insurance before you go and think about making it an annual multi-trip policy. This type of policy is great for people who travel more than once or twice a year and can be very convenient if you need to travel unexpectedly as your insurance will already be in place.

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