Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Globelink's Got You Covered

27 Apr 2018 by Olga Brighton

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You might be tempted to think that when it comes to our holidays, we are creatures of habit, and you would be right! However, there’s an undeniable trend that tour operators and travel companies have cottoned onto. Gone are the days where all we needed was sun, sea and a beach to lie on.

Enter a new generation of travellers demanding ecotourism, archeological explorations, rain forest trails, and every variation of walking tours you can possibly imagine.

Ecotourism holidays

It’s a funny thing, but the less we have to walk, the more we want to. Typically, we live longer, fuller, fitter lives and people taking walking holidays tend to be higher income explorers, or empty nesters enjoying their hard earned freedom and leisure time. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in local culture, history and spectacular scenery than getting up close and personal and walking through your chosen location.

Whether you opt for a guided tour with like-minded travelers, or go-it-alone with the help of a trusted map and guide book, you won’t beat getting to know your surroundings than by feeling the earth under your feet. You’ll boost your knowledge; mental wellbeing; physical fitness and feel a sense of achievement, especially with the prospect of a gastronomic treat and a fine wine to finish off a perfect days exploration.

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Learn something new each day, or combine your favourite interests like history, archaeology, food and wine with meandering through lavender fields of Provence, or across the Himalayas. Or retrace the route of Alexander the Great through Turkey, or tread a well-loved path through the vineyards of the Dordogne or Alsace.

Perhaps you fancy something a little off the beaten track, like the vast wilderness of Iceland. Explore a roaring 100 ft waterfall like Strútsfoss, or Jokulsa gorge and a coastal ridge walk through the ice and fire landscape of this majestic location.

Mountains travel

Stay closer to home with a meander through the Italian Sibillini mountains. Between Umbria and Marche, stunningly beautiful and steeped in ancient mythology with the Gola dell'Infernaccio, (the Gorge of Hell), and Cave of Sibyl. Unspoilt summits, rare wildflowers and wildlife will greet you. And it’s any discerning foodies culinary heaven, with a fabulous choice of delicate mountain cheeses, black truffle, wild mushrooms and cured meats, along with all of those old favourites that you expect from a trip to Italy.

Or how about a hike through the Outer Hebrides? If the weather is kind, you will be in for a rare treat of unsurpassed views, heather clad islands and mile upon mile of glorious white sand beaches like Luskentyre. This trip would combine wildlife, history and archeology.

At Globelink Travel Insurance, we will get your itchy feet covered and proudly offer travel insurance for people aged up to 89 yrs living anywhere in Europe. Unlike many insurers, our standard policy covers trekking up to 3,500m on organised tours and recognised routes. That includes helicopter rescue for medical emergencies.

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