The Secrets of Sickness-Free Car Trip

11 Aug 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Nearly every one of us has experienced car sickness or kinetosis at least once. And we can admit that it doesn’t add to the pleasant memories of a trip. Usually, children suffer from it most up to the age of 12. As for the adults, women are more susceptible to a motion sickness than men. One could eventually get used to coping with it, while others are recommended to use the prevention requirements. They are actually very easy and can make you forget about those horrible trips you had with a whole bunch of car sickness symptoms.

Sit in the front

Front seat

Have you noticed that the drivers almost never get sick compared to their passengers? The trick is in concentrating on the road and on the far located objects in front of it.If you cannot drive or don’t want to, just sit next to the driver and look forward at the road ahead.

Concentrate on stable objects outside

If the front seat is not available you maybe able to do the same sitting back. Just look at the horizon through the big front window. If you don’t cheat and stay concentrated on it the chances of having a good trip double.

Calm your mind

Calm mind

You should understand the reason car sickness happens. Your mind notices some discrepancy between your motionless body and fast-moving objects your eyes see. A little trick you can do is moving your legs to let the brain know you really are mobile and your eyes are not being fooled.

Close your eyes or have a nap

This will eliminate your mind delusion and help you think of other things except trying to not get sick.

Breathe fresh air

Fresh air

Make sure there are no strong scents in the car like perfumes, air fresheners or food. They may provoke you feeling sick. Instead, provide fresh air by opening the window a little.

Make stops

Go outside, have a walk, move and breathe deep. Everyone needs breaks, especially the driver.

Use little helpers

Mint gum

Firstly, there are special pills you can take an hour prior to a trip. Secondly, there are proven methods like chewing a ginger root or peppermint gum, eating and drinking whatever includes these products, sucking a match (don’t forget to remove the sulphur part), sniffing a newspaper, and listening to your favourite music. Moreover, eating something salty or sour helps. Dill, pickled cucumbers or light snacks are perfect for this aim. Smelling orange or lemon peels are also great at suppressing nausea.

As you see, there are many methods to prevent car sickness so try them to find what works for you and make your trips fun and positive. One more last peace of advice is in excluding fatty food and alcohol from your meal preceding the trip and in keeping it small and light. Also, get an appropriate travel insurance policy for your trip to avoid worrying about possible mishaps on the way. Travel safe!

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