Top 10 Working Holiday Jobs

03 Jun 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

You do not have to set aside your wanderlust just because you don’t have a lot of cash. There are jobs out there just waiting for you that can help provide the funds you need and be fun too. Get your bags packed and have a look at the list below:

Tour Guiding

Tour guide

Work with locals by leading tours for tourist groups. You are paid while you sightsee without spending a penny. If you are fluent in one or two languages, you already have a great advantage. If you have a passion for telling history, can remember facts and figures and you are a people person, then this may be your perfect job!

Teaching English

There is a large demand for individuals fluent in English almost everywhere. If you have a teaching qualifications or are TEFL certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and have experience teaching English, you will be in demand by schools or education facilities that provide English tutorial lessons. South Korea and Japan are two examples of countries that pay very well for English-proficient individuals.


Freelance writer

For those who have good writing skills, freelance writing can help tide you over and also build an impressive writing portfolio along the way. There are online companies, for example Blue Pen Articles, that have already built up a client base and will send you a steady flow of writing jobs online for you to complete. This provides total mobility as long as you have Wi-Fi and a computer.

Kitchen hand or cooking assistant

Without much experience, you can secure employment in a hotel or restaurant as a kitchen hand preparing ingredients, washing the dishes, or peeling vegetables. With several years of experience but no formal qualifications, you can become a cooking assistant and learn recipes and food preparation styles and techniques.

Bartending or bartender’s assistant


The hours will be long but if you are patient, naturally friendly, and industrious, bartending or being a bartender’s assistant is an opportunity for you to meet lots of people while financially supporting yourself. The tips, of course, genuinely add up to make a difference to what you earn.

Au pairing

Language fluency is actually a gift that most people who have it sometimes take for granted. Au pairing is more than working for and living with local families. The time spent with these people is a great opportunity for the traveller to master a language which can be an asset to seeking jobs back home.

Ski resort worker

Ski resort

It’s often said that workers at ski resorts are enjoying the job more than working at it. The competition is rather stiff and you will need to be a certified ski instructor. If not you can do other tasks such as cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, among other duties, and end up getting a considerable amount of tips every week.

Customer service representative

If you speak well, are patient enough to handle complaints and explain details, then the job of a CSR is something that you will not only enjoy but earn from. It may only be a part-time job on alternate work schedules, but if you are professional and reliable, the company you work for might consider hiring you on a more regular basis. Meanwhile, you will have time to visit museums, try new restaurants or interact with the locals while you work part-time.


Travel photographers

If you already own a camera or have dabbled in photography, you can consider photography your working holiday job. Photographs you take could be made into or added to your portfolio and strengthen your chances to be taken in on a part-time or freelance basis by a local newspapers or magazines. Some tours require the services of professional photographers so the tourists can take actually concentrate on the tour.


This will satisfy your altruistic side, improve your people skills and enhance your resume. It may not be paid but you may get free board and meals so you can save while you travel. Volunteering will require you to have working holiday travel insurance because you might be sent to expeditions to far-flung locations which will require travel outside of the locality you are staying in.

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