Top 5 European Countries for Easter

09 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Let me ask you a question: how do you celebrate Easter? Everyone knows that Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. Although some people would say that it is a family holiday, we would argue that it is hardly a truth. It’s a stereotype that during Easter break you are to stay with your family at home or just go to church. Why don’t you use this chance to spend time with your family somewhere outside of the city? Europe has a number of destinations that are ideal for families especially on Easter when the most popular places are not as crowded as they would be during the summer. Besides, many European countries celebrate Easter publicly with a variety of parades and ceremonies. So, let’s see where is better to go in order to get unforgettable impressions about Easter. Check our list of Easter holiday destinations in Europe.

Easter Celebrations in Europe

Great Britain

  • As you know rabbit is a sign of spring. So it is one of the main elements of a proper Easter celebration in the UK having someone dresses up like the Easter Bunny. Easter Egg Hunt is also one of the most celebrated and best loved traditions of the entire Easter holiday.
  • The London Harness Horse Parade is an annual event held on Easter Monday. This year the parade will be held on 9th April 2012, at the South of England Centre, Ardingly, West Sussex.
  • The other popular events are Medieval Hocktide festivals, ancient English festivals, which begin on the second Monday after Easter with an ale-tasting and finishes with a Hocktide Ball on Tuesday evening.
  • There are two more spectacular events in Great Britain on Easter week: the Bacup Nutters Dance and the Morris Dance. The first one traditionally takes place on Easter Saturday in the small Pennine town of Bacup. Nutters Dance is a folk dance through the town from boundary to boundary. As for Morris Dance, it happens in many parts of England. Professional troupes of dancers wearing nice costumes perform old spring dances on Easter Sunday. The dances are aimed at frightening away the veil spirits of winter.
Easter in Different Countries


Spain is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations for those who would like to spend time with the whole family. When it goes about Easter, Spain is well-known for its Semana Santa traditions, together with parades and processions throughout the country. In 2012 there will be parades everywhere in Spain in such places as Seville, Malaga, Leon, Lorca, Cartagena and Viveiro. These parades are about volunteers wearing white robe and carrying either candles or wooden cross. Other performers of Easter Sunday are drummers walking on Madrid’s grand Plaza Mayor square and beating their instruments in celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

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Italy is also a country where you would never be bored during Easter celebrations. One of the largest and most popular parades is in the Sicilian town of Enna on Good Friday. More than 2,000 friars walk through the city. Besides one of the oldest Good Friday processions takes place in Chieti, Abruzzo. It is a procession formed by members of the brotherhood, identifiable by the wearing of predominantly black framed by a gold satin cape to represent Mary’s mourning. St Peter’s Square is one of the most crowded places during Easter celebrations. Each congregation walks to the rhythm of the wooden instrument troccola.


People in Germany also celebrate the start of the spring holding ceremonies and parades. People in some areas, especially southern Germany, go out for a candle-lit parade called Emmausgang. In addition, such event as Egg races takes place in some villages of Germany. Another option to have fun is to travel to the countryside for a walk and to enjoy the spring surroundings.

Easter Holiday Europe


Although France doesn’t have such amount of parades or Easter ceremonies, it has a vast array of rides and attractions for both adults and children in Disneyland in Paris that could be visited any time. Also there are several big parks which have a range of offers available to families. Besides you might want to go on a European cruise.

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All in all this is truly a great list of activities, events, walks, celebrations, ceremonies and lots more things to do and to enjoy during the Easter Holidays this spring. So, you should be really prepared to the month of openings and plan ahead.

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