Top 5 Places People Prefer to Visit with Their Soulmates

04 Mar 2015 by Olga Brighton

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We travel the world with our friends and family, we travel solo and meet new people. But in the end of the day it’s our soulmate we want to share our best travel experiences with. We at Globelink have asked you which place you would love to with your loved one, and got hundreds of answers. Here are the top 5 places to visit with your soulmates:

1. Venice

Venice gondola

It is no wonder so many people chose the city of Casanova as their dream destination for a romantic holiday. Take gondola ride along the Grand Canal and glide past the majestic baroque buildings. If you hold your loved one tighter and look into their eyes, you’ll realize that while this old city may vanish under the water over the centuries, your love will never die.

2. Paris


Some may say that the French capital is a bit clichéd for a romantic destination, but no one can deny that this city oozes romance. Share a kiss on top of the iconic Eiffel tower, make a promise on the love-locking bridge and find the secret waterfall at Parc des Buttes Chaumonts – you too will see that Paris was crowned as the world’s most romantic city for a reason.

3. Home

English house

Sometimes you don’t need to travel the world, when you’re with your one and only. Plus, they say there’s no place like home, so why not stay closer to home with your dearest one? Whether it is just two of you in your special safe haven or you prefer to be surrounded by family in you cozy residence, the arms of you loved one can bring more thrill and happiness than all the travel experiences you’ve ever had.

4. Rome


The city as eternal as the true love is the birthplace of Saint Valentine himself. No wonder people in love dream to walk hand in hand where so many great love stories evolved. Stroll down the quaint cobblestone streets, steal a kiss at Gianicolo, make a wish at Trevi fountain and enjoy a candlelit dinner at one of many Italian restaurants. You will see why in ancient Rome every Roman worshipped Venus, the love flows through the veins of Italian capital.

5. Tropical Island

tropical island

Sunny islands in the middle of the turquoise blue ocean are often seen as a perfect destination for bliss and pure delight. If love had a home, would there be more suitable address than such paradise? Go snorkeling in crystal water, swim with clownfishes or stay ashore and sip delicious fruit cocktails on white sandy beach. Away from the madding crowds and daily routines you’ll have the most blissful time together.

If love makes your daily life so amazing, imagine how wonderful a trip can be in the company of your loved one. Show how much you love your soulmate and start planning a romantic getaway right now. Don’t forget to find the right insurance cover to ensure the safety of your trip, so you two could have fun with nothing to worry about.

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