Would Your Hand Luggage Pass the Savvy-Traveller Test?

13 Jul 2017 by Olga Brighton

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Did you know that hundreds of thousands of hand luggage items go missing every year? Usually it’s because your luggage is checked onto the wrong flight, and fortunately the airline generally get it back to you within 48 hours. But what do you do in the meantime? As millions of us start packing for our summer break, it’s a timely reminder to think twice about what to keep in your hand luggage, in case it happens to you.

Be ready for anything when you travel. Our advice is - be ‘ever-ready’ when you travel and pack smart when it comes to your hand-luggage. It will avoid no end of stress if your luggage goes on a trip of its own.

Here are our top 10 essentials to carry in your hand luggage:

1. Cash / Cards

Cash travel

Keep cash and cards in your hand luggage, but not in one place. Ideally split it between you and another travel companion for added security. Keep an emergency cash supply in a concealed pocket/s on your clothing.

2. Passports, Travel Documents & Valuables

Carry essentials in an easily accessible separate compartment, or folder. Include passport/visa, boarding pass, reservations, all contact numbers, cash, cards and valuables (including spectacles).

3. Prescribed Medication

Carry enough medication for at least 2 days. Carry the prescription too. The maximum 100ml for liquids does not apply to essential medicines in hand luggage, as long as you have supporting documentation from your doctor, or a copy of the prescription.

4. First Aid Kit

First-aid kit holiday

To help deal with minor holiday ailments, like pain killers, allergy medication, anti-bacteria gel, plasters, small disinfectant cream, indigestion tablets, anti-diarrhea, travel sickness tablets.

5. Spare Set of Clothes

This will save you no end of hassle if your luggage goes missing. Chose light, compact items such as cotton shorts/trousers and a tee-shirt.

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6. Toiletries

Basics, including travel toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor. Save space with travel-size items and keep within carrier regulations (no more than 100ml). Take anything else that is essential (and small), such as make-up that you really can’t live without (you might not be able to buy your favorite brand locally, or it could cost 3 times the price).

7. Mobile Phone / Tablet

Helps stay connected and occupied during the journey. Don’t forget earphones.

8. Adaptor & Portable Charger

Travel portable charger

Well worth carrying these small items as it could be difficult and expensive sourcing replacements while you’re away.

9. Pen & Paper

Always handy and often overlooked in this digital age!

10. Travel Insurance

Of course we would say that wouldn’t we? Travel Insurance is essential and comes into its own if your luggage is delayed. Most good Travel Insurance policies cover baggage delay, and Globelink is no exception. Your baggage will usually be considered ‘delayed’ if you don’t have it after 12 hours. You get a monetary benefit to purchase essential items, like clothing, medication, and toiletries. Always get confirmation of the delay from your carrier and keep receipts for purchases.

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