Fun in the Sun

05 May 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travellers Stories

At the end of June 2015 with my husband, daughter and granddaughter we drove to the Costa Del Sol trip to Benalmadena for a weeks holiday in a lovely hotel called Los Patos Park. It was four star and all inclusive which is a bonus with a ten year old. The hotel had fantastic water slides and entertainment for children as well as evening entertainment for everyone.

Cable Car Ride

Whilst there we went on a cable car ride up to a wonderful bird park. We really didn't expect to witness such a fantastic display of birds of prey and get so close to them. One even landed on my head!

We then went to a beautiful Butterfly park, there were 100s of different butterflies everywhere, you were allowed to walk amongst them many landing on our arms and hands as we walked around. We watched them feeding and experince the full life cycle of the butterflies and moths.

Butterfly Park Benalmadena

Whilst at the Hotel it happened to be my Birthday and we had a lovely meal and the hotel provided a fantastic cake. There was a suggestion of candles but as I would have needed so many we decided against them as the fire brigade would have had to be on stand by!

All Inclusive Family Hotel Benalmadena

I loved Benalmadena and will go there again. I am sure it was both relaxing and intersesting place to go. Something for all ages.

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