Hot Air Balloon Travel Insurance

Hot air ballooning is once-in-a-lifetime magical experience. Is there any better way to enjoy the view than by flying on a hot air balloon? What feeling can be better than the feeling of flying silently through the sky? The wind blows in your hair and people seem so tiny down below. This awe-inspiring experience will let you feel the majesty of flight and will give you lifelong memories.


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Drifting slowly across the sky above the countryside may feel rather serene, but it is important to keep in mind that this activity can still be very dangerous. Ballooning is, in fact, one of the safest means of flying – despite the great heights; safe landing is still possible even after the fuel runs out. Nevertheless, the accidents still happen. Floating into the power lines is the number one risk for hot air balloonists. 


Why do you need travel insurance for ballooning?

Fire on board is one of the most dangerous situations for passengers and pilots, as the only way to escape fire is to jump out. Another danger of this adventure activity is the excessive speed during landing. Mid-air collisions can also lead to the hot air balloon collapse. Most common injuries that can be obtained due to hot air balloon crash are broken bones and head trauma. In case of fire, some passengers may start jumping out, which may lead to even more serious injuries.


Remember to specify all the details of your policy to make sure you are covered against every possible danger.


If you ever get a chance to float on a hot air balloon when travelling, do it. Amazing memories and long-lasting awe are guaranteed. There are so many counties to explore and so many landscapes to enjoy from a bird’s eye view. But before taking off in the air, take out hot air balloon travel insurance. It will help you get a decent medical treatment abroad in case you get hurt and won’t let you end up broke in case on hot air ballooning accident.


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