Boxing Travel Insurance

Boxing is a very exciting but also extremely dangerous sport. What can be more thrilling than a competition of physical power, agility and strategy? Boxing matches gather people all over the world around the ring and in front of the TV screens. We watch the fight, root for favourite boxers, cringe away from painful punches and sometimes wish that we could have a go at this challenge.

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Every fighting sport is risky, as the goal is to defeat the opponent with the help of physical impact. There is only a very slight chance of leaving the ring with cuts or bruises. Boxing training is, of course, much safer as there’s no aggression directed towards fighters. Such trainings is aimed at perfecting fighter’s skills and physical shape. But even these preparations involve certain risks, as they still require high physical activity. 


Why do you need travel insurance for boxing?

Even training with a punching bag can cause injuries to the hands, despite the fact that most boxers wear special boxing gloves. In addition to minor injuries and bruises, box training can cause more serious trauma. Body blows on sparring can lead to internal bleeding and fractured ribs. Eye injuries are also easy to get, as this part of human body is especially vulnerable. Concussions are among the most common injuries in boxing, so boxers should wear protective headgear at all times to avoid head trauma that can lead to serious consequences.


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Box is a thrilling sport, an ultimate competition of two strong and daring people. If you wish to train in boxing when you are abroad, boxing travel insurance is an essential for you. It will protect you against all of the possible medical bills which can be especially serious abroad. Before taking out a decent travel insurance policy, read the policy wording carefully, to make sure you will be covered for all of the potential risks.


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