Canoeing Travel Insurance

Canoeing is a great activity as a competitive sport, hobby, or a fun way to spend time with friends outdoors. It involves paddling on lakes, rivers or even the seas while sitting in canoe.

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Canoeing helps reaching strength, fitness and flexibility. In particular, it improves cardiovascular fitness, significantly increases muscle strength, making the back, arms, chest and shoulders developed and strong due to their involvement in paddling. Regular training and practicing canoeing increases legs and torso strength, develops lungs, saturates the blood with oxygen, improving your overall health. 


Depending on your tastes and preferences, canoeing can be either adventurous and exiting, or calming and meditative. It can bring a different experience emotions every time you go because of the location and season change. Along with developing your body fitness and endurance, canoeing is a great way to enjoy nature. Peaceful water sounds, picturesque landscapes and lively flora make this a revitalising activity.


To enjoy this activity, it is important to remember to take care and follow all safety precautions as there are risks involved.


If you plan on canoeing abroad, it is essential to have canoeing travel insurance. You never know what could happen and how much you would have to spend bearing the consequences, so you’d better be covered.   


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