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When travelling abroad, you should remember the benefits of having Travel Insurance. Anything can happen during your trip and a good travel insurance policy will provide practical help through the emergency assistance service and also help you recoup any financial loss – such as medical bills. Unfortunately, not everyone buys travel insurance because they believe it’s too expensive. This could be the biggest mistake you could ever make because oversees doctors and medical bills can easily run into thousands. You can compare Travel Insurance policies to find the deal that’s right for you so that you are only paying for what you need.

Compare Globelink Policies

Globelink provide a quick and easy way to check the price of travel insurance using the quotation wizard.

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    Simply select the type of policy you want to view, destination, trip duration and age, and get a quick quote.

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    You will see several policy options to choose from and the list of benefits included so you can compare and select the best one for your trip.

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    Just click ‘View all Benefits’ to compare
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All Globelink travel insurance policies are available to people who are living in UK or other EU Countries and to Australian, New Zealand and South African Passport holders currently living in the EU.

You can compare some of the different types of policies available below:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance is designed for people who take one to two trips a year. Trip durations can vary from as little as a few days to 15 months in length, depending on your age. Choose between Economy cover that provides the basics, to Regular cover, up to Comprehensive, which offers the best cover we provide.

Backpacker, Long Stay and Gap Year Trips

If you are aged under 51 years you can also choose between two Backpackers policies: Globetrekkers Standard and Globetrekkers Standard Plus. These policies offer a budget option for anyone on a longer trip. The cheapest option is Globetrekkers Standard if you do not require cover for your baggage, personal possession, money etc.

Already Travelling Option

Unlike most other provider, Globelink offers Travel Insurance even when you have already left home. You can buy an Already Travelling Policy if you have already started your trip, or forgotten to buy travel insurance, or if your policy has expired. This is subject to the total period outside of your usual country of residence within the EU not exceeding 18 months and also that no claim has previously occurred. For example, if you lost your camera yesterday, you can’t take out this insurance today and make a claim for it!

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

If you intend to do any Winter Sports while you are away, make sure you take out a Winter Sports Policy that covers the activities that you plan. This offers the same level of cover as Comprehensive insurance, but includes Winter Sporting Activities and Equipment cover. The “Winter Sports” package is available for Single, Annual Multi Trip and for every Area of Travel. This is available for persons up to 65 years old.

Compare Travel Insurance Excesses by Age and Price

See below the comparative table of Excess applicable to different policies according to age bands and types of insurance.

Type of policy EXCESS for Cancellation or Curtailment EXCESS for Emergency Medical Repatriation & Other Expenses EXCESS for Dental Treatment Limit EXCESS for Hospital Confinement Benefit
Single trip (Regular and Economy) £100 £100 £40 Nil
AMT Up to 65 £75 £75 £50 Nil
AMT 66 to 70 £100 £100 £50 Nil
AMT 71 to 74 £250 £250 £50 Nil
Comprehensive Age up to 65 £75 £75 £50 Nil
Comprehensive Age 66 to 70 £100 £100 £50 Nil
Comprehensive Age 71 to 79 £250 £250 £50 Nil
Comprehensive Age 80 to 89 £300 £300 £50 Nil

Policy Extensions

Globelink like to cover all the options for you by offering additional Extra Cover that you can add to your insurance policy:

Note that Travel Insurance is a “must have” thing for each traveller and it is very important to get the right policy from a respected insurance provider. Thus, you should compare Travel Insurance carefully to get the policy that is right for you.

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