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How can I protect my gadgets?

Globelink policies include gadget travel insurance with the limited cover for any single item. This can be increased with the initial maximum limit is £500 (up to 3 items totalling £500 per Insured person), you can always increase single item coverage to £1000 (maximum of up to 4 items totalling £1000 per insured person). To extend single item coverage, take out Comprehensive, Annual Multi Trip or Winter Sports policy.

How to choose the right policy extension?

Tailor your policy by selecting relevant Globelink policy Extras at Step 3 when purchasing your cover online. Or call our travel insurance professionals on 00 44 (0) 1353 699082, who will help you get the right cover to suit your travel plans.

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Today gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. When we travel, they become even more integral, so that we cannot imagine travelling without our electronic companions anymore. Phones keep us connected with the rest of the world no matter where we go, tablets and e-book readers keep us entertained on the road, and special travel gadgets make every trip easier, while internet has become a real life saver for most travellers.


How do I insure my gadgets?

To insure your gadgets, provide details such as gadget model, serial number, product age and its value in UK pounds. Remember that should anything happen you your gadget during your trip, the current value of the item is paid. This means that in case of claim, you will get compensation for the used item, as travel insurance does not cover old for new replacement.


What are the benefits of gadget travel insurance?

Various gadgets are targeted by thieves probably more than any other tourists’ possessions. When on a trip we don’t always exercise the caution we need, as we tend to look around in awe and think about our itineraries rather than about possible mishaps. This is the main reason why thieves take advantage of tourists so often and why travellers are often so clumsy with their devices. With gadget travel insurance cover you won’t ever have to worry about losing your iPhone.


Damaging, losing or breaking your gadgets is even easier when you travel. You move from destination to destination, look around and enjoy new exciting views, while taking pictures, checking you emails, making calls and browsing the Internet. Don’t let stress and general inconvenience ruin your perfect vacation, make sure your valuables are covered with a proper travel insurance cover.

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