Gliding Travel Insurance

Gliding is the embodiment of a great dream to fly. The whole mankind had this dream for centuries, while dozens of bold inventors spent their lives trying to find a way for humans to fly. Luckily, we live in a time when this is not only possible, but can be done in many different ways, such as gliding.


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Gliding can be either competitive air sport or great recreational activity. Pilots control gliders, special unpowered aircraft, and fly using natural currents of air. At the very beginning of this activity development gliders couldn’t fly far, but at present they are able to overcome great distances up to one thousand kilometres. Some gliders are equipped with power devises to give pilots more freedom of actions and to ensure their safety minimising the influence of nature causes.


The advantages of gliding are numerous for those who tried it. Thorough training, getting to know plane aerodynamics and gliders’ mechanisms, learning all the rules and finally getting up in the air inspires like nothing else. Taking off the ground, seeing everything from the bird’s view and flying in the sky is an incredible and unforgettable experience.


Why do you need travel insurance for gliding?

Though, gliding has various risks and hazards that start even before you get inside of you glider. Coming to the airfield can be dangerous itself because one may get injured form being close to tow planes, propellers, tow ropes, glider wings, etc. The least harms are cuts and bruises. Being a glider passenger increases the risks duу to different factors, such as pilot error, aircraft malfunction or sudden bad weather conditions and emergency landing that may bring much more serious traumas.


Stay active and adventurous on your journey without having to worry about the possible misfortunes.


To avoid risks, especially if you plan gliding abroad, don’t neglect any safety rules and regulations, pay maximum attention while training, and invest in gliding travel insurance


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