Hockey Travel Insurance

Hockey has become one of the most favourite sports in Europe and North America long time ago. This fast-paced game requires high attention, physical strength, endurance and agility that so many hockey fans admire. Whether you occasionally play hockey with your friends on weekends or prefer to watch matches on TV, you may not be able to resist the temptation of throwing a puck when you get the chance abroad, especially if you are travelling to Canada, USA, Latvia, Sweden and other hockey-loving countries.


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As much as hockey is popular, it is also very dangerous. Hockey players are some of the most regular visitors to emergency room among other sportsmen. But if not for the potential danger, hockey would not be as spectacular and thrilling as it is.  Most common injuries include broken bones and teeth, black eyes, lower back problems, frostbite, as well as foot and head injuries. Wearing the proper equipment with enough padding and protection will lower your risk of getting injured. 


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Make sure to always wear the properly fitted and adjusted gear when you are on ice. Good training will also help you avoid serious injuries.  Do the correct training before heading out to the ice to take some pressure off your body. Make sure to do a little ice skating warm up before the game and perform some stretches on the inside bar of the arena. Also, remember to take frequent breaks to avoid getting frostbite.


Why do you need travel insurance for hockey?

If you plan or simply think that you might play hockey in the place where you are headed to, get hockey travel insurance cover. It will not prevent you from getting injured, but it won’t let you spend huge amounts of money on medical bills abroad. Plus, you will be able to get proper medical attention in case of any injuries, without being afraid to end up broke.  Remember to read the policy carefully to know for sure that all your activities are properly covered.


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