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Horse riding is well-known activity that brings indisputable benefits to both body and soul. Passionate horse riders tell that once they tried it for the first time, it was impossible to give it up. Physical aspect of horse riding includes muscle and cardiovascular benefits. It may seem that the rider simply sits and enjoys the landscapes but if you do it for at least an hour you’ll notice that your whole body feels tired. You may even feel the muscles that you didn’t know you had. It can be compared to a half an hour cycling or jogging if to talk about burning calories.


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Horse riding helps to develop balance, significantly improves coordination, strengthens muscles, increases joint mobility, improves blood circulation and visual space perception. It even improves liver and digestion functioning. Riding with a higher speed fastens your breathing and thus you saturate your brain and blood with oxygen which is extremely useful. Spending times with horses helps children and adults in curing various illnesses and quickens the rehabilitation process. 


Mental advantages of horse riding are the responsibility development, self-discipline and self-confidence. Taking a ride you become closer to the nature, enjoy beautiful countryside.


Why do you need travel insurance for horse riding?

Of course, there are also some risks connected with horse riding. These animals are big and strong so careless or cruel treatment can bring serious if not fatal consequences. Even experiences riders can fall off the horse and get fractures or other health damages and wearing a helmet is a must. Horse riding is something you should always improve and learn more about, but the most important issue is love and respect towards horses.


Whenever you want to include horse riding to your trip activities, be sure to have a good horse riding travel insurance to take care of your health in advance. 


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