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Globetrekkers Standard Plus Travel Insurance

  • Durations of up to 15 months with a possibility to extension of up to 18 months
  • Trekking to the altitudes of up to 3500 metres for free
  • 24/7 medical emergency helpline - we’re there if you need us
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What is Globetrekkers Standard Plus Travel Insurance?

Are you greedy for new impressions, adventure or just an extreme person? Let’s overcome new heights and achieve new goals during your trips while Globelink policies look after your safety.

This policy is ideal for people aged under 51 years old and backpackers. Globetrekkers Standard Plus Travel Insurance (from £) gives you excellent Emergency Medical Expenses cover plus the added protection of Baggage cover, Money, Passport, Personal Accident etc. Choose from either Worldwide backpacking travel or Europe. Trip durations of up to 15 months are available and these can usually be extended, up to a maximum of 18 months.

Globetrekkers Plus Policy Key Benefits

  • Available for UK, EU and EEA residents
  • Affordable prices and no hidden costs
  • Low excess level and decent insured sums
  • The cheapest Globetrekkers Standard Plus policy is £
  • Large number of Pre-Existing medical conditions for free
  • Most Hazardous Activities insure as standard


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provides some emergency healthcare within the EU, but it does not cover Repatriation costs, or a doctor or nurse escort home; nor lost or stolen property. You need Travel Insurance for that.


Globetrekkers Standard Plus Travel Insurance ensures an extended cover for Personal Accident and Legal Expenses for free and offer protection of your Personal Money, Passport and Baggage for a decent low price. You may also include higher risk activities to your policy as an extra cover. Globelink offers free of charge protection for your trekking to the altitudes of up to 3500 metres. Moreover, Globetrekkers Standard Plus policies cover most hazardous activities.

Stay active and adventurous on your journey without having to worry about the possible misfortunes.

Globelink always provide policies with our customers in mind. Thus we offer you to get an excellent 24/7 Emergency Medical Expenses cover. Maximum insured sums for Personal Liability is up to £2 000 000 per person as well as insured sums for Emergency Medical Repatriation & Other Expenses is up to £5,000,000.

Backpackers can always customise their Globetrekkers Standard Plus policy by adding extensions, so the cover could satisfy all of their needs. You can easily include selected options like a Higher level of cover for Adventure Activities or Return Home Option to your travel insurance policy.

Please note – we strongly suggest you consider an immediate start date as this will ensure that you are covered for the Cancellation of any pre-booked trips. By adding return home option to your policy, you press the pause button on a Long Stay Trip.

Explore the world, learn more about the Universe we live in and enjoy your travel with Globelink!

Spend more time for your journey and less for preparations! We offer you to save your own time booking our policy online. You can do this in just 5 easy steps : select type of trip, choose extra cover and add it to your policy, add your personal information, check your data and the last step is to select the currency, the pay method and just purchase.

Still have questions?

The Globelink team will help solve any questions by phone 00 44 (0) 1353 699082, or email

Schedule of Cover Globetrekkers Standard Plus

Schedule of Cover and Limits of Indemnity per Insured Person (All Benefits are stated in UK Pounds)

  Person Per Section Cover Maximum Sums Insured Per Person Excess Per Claim
Cancellation or CurtailmentCover for unrecoverable costs and deposits incurred if you are forced to cancel or cut short your trip as a result of specified causes such as death, injury, illness or redundancy.
Up to £2,000 in total £100
Emergency Medical & Other Expenses

(including Dental Treatment)
Reasonable hospital, medical and other expenses including emergency repatriation costs to your home country within the EU.
Up to £5,000,000 in total

Up to £100 in total

Hospital Confinement BenefitCash benefit paid to you for each day you are hospitalized abroad to help towards additional expenses such as and phone calls, magazines etc.
Up to £10 per 24 hours up to a maximum of £500 in total Nil
Personal Accident


Loss of Limb or Eye

Permanent Total Disablement
This is a lump sum payment in the event of accidental injury resulting in death, loss of limb or eye or permanent total disablement.

Up to £10,000 in total*

Up to £10,000 in total*

Up to £10,000 in total*

*(£1,500 if under 18 or over 69)
Missed DepartureA payment towards the reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses if you miss the departure of your initial Outward or final Inward international leg on which you are booked to travel, as a result of failure of public transport, accident or breakdown involving your vehicle or ahead of you on a motorway, strike or adverse weather.
Up to £500 in total £40

Single Article/Pair/Set Limit

Total Valuable Limit

Spectacles/Sunglasses Limit

Delayed Baggage (Minimum delay of 12 hours)
Loss or damage to your personal baggage providing you take proper care to safeguard your property at all times. The any one article and valuables limit are as specified. We recommend that any expensive valuables such as ipads, cameras, phones etc. are separately insured under an All Risks policy.
Up to £1,000 in total

Up to £150 in total

Up to £150 in total

Up to £150 in total

Not insured



Personal Money

Passport & Documents
Cover for personal money and documents, including the unused portion of passports, visas and driving licences.
Up to £250 in total* (*£125 if aged under 18)

Cash limit per Insured Person is £125* (*£50 if under 18 yrs)

Up to £100 in total

Personal Liability

(including Rental Acommodation Limit)
Cover if you become legally liable to pay compensation arising from you causing bodily injury, to certain people, or damage to rented accommodation. This section does not extend to the use of any type of vehicle or craft, or anything related to any work or business.
Up to £2,000,000 in total

Up to £100,000 in total

Legal Expenses & AssistanceCosts and expenses incurred in pursuit of claims arising out of your death bodily injury or illness.
Up to £7,000 in total £250
Geographical Limits - Area Definitions
Worldwide II
(all countries)
Worldwide including Australia, United States of America, Canada and all islands in the Caribbean Sea and the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Thailand. (Also includes cover for Europe).

Travel Insurance

Please read your Policy Wording carefully to ensure that it meets with your precise requirements. View and download the relevant Policy Wording* from the links below. If you purchased a Globelink policy previously while you were an EU RESIDENT, or you need to view the Policy Wording we issue to EU Residents, please click here to visit our Globelink EU site.

*If you purchased your Travel Insurance policy prior to 1st February 2020, you can view your policy wording by reviewing your Globelink Travel Insurance Purchase email, or obtain a copy by contacting with your name and address.

Policy Wording for Policies issued to UK residents (living in the UK only) from 30th Dec 2020 onwards

 Policy Wording for Policies issued to UK residents (living in the UK only) between 29th Oct - 29th Dec 2020

 Policy Wording for Policies issued to UK residents (living in the UK only) between 1st Oct - 28th Oct 2020

Policy Wording for Policies issued to UK residents (living in the UK only) between 1st Feb – 10th August 2020

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