General Information about Travel Insurance

Here you will find information such as which adventure activities are automatically included, geographical areas, cooling off period, period of insurance, etc.


Sensible travellers purchase travel insurance to protect themselves from the substantial financial costs and disruption resulting from crises such as the cancellation of a big trip due to death or illness of a family member or a required emergency medical repatriation.


If you have a decent comprehensive travel insurance policy, you have access to 24 hour emergency assistance. 


Travel insurance is available with different levels of cover from regular, economy, comprehensive, globetrekkers, globetrekkers standards plus, winter sports, annual multi trip or single tip policies.


Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Travelling is interesting and exciting. The new experiences strengthen our understanding of the diversity in the customs and way of life in other parts of the world. However, extra care should always be taken when visiting unfamiliar places because there is no guarantee that you can avoid trouble such as:


  • Pickpocketing and thieves.
  • Lost or stolen documents, especially passport.
  • Theft of mobile phone, iPad or baggage.
  • Unexpected sickness or injury.
  • The cost of medical treatment. Most Hospitals and Clinics now demand payment in full from foreign visitors for medical services.
  • Cancellation & Curtailment. Airlines and tour operators become much tougher in their cancellation policies, so if you have to cancel a trip it is less likely that they will refund any unused portion of your pre-paid travel expenses.
  • Missed & Delayed Flights. What if miss your outward flight or it is delayed, will you miss your connecting flight or cruise? 


Always make sure you have received suitable vaccinations or medications and taken correct precautions to protect from illness and disease; you have acquainted yourself with the different laws and customs of the countries you will be visiting. Be particularly careful about what you eat and drink and how and where it is prepared. Consider the hygiene of the café or restaurant. Look out for distraction crime, particularly in crowded markets and tourist areas. 


If you are going to participate in any hazardous pursuits, activity sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving bungee jumping sky diving etc., please, take necessary precautions and know rules. Ensure that your Travel Insurance policy provides cover if you are injured whilst participating in the particular activity.


Why insure with Globelink?

Globelink insure travellers and holidaymakers living in the United Kingdom or other European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Globelink also provide all kinds of travel insurance policies to Australian, New Zealand or South African passport holders living in the UK or EU.

Globelink offer a range of insurance policies for almost any type of journey and age group (up to 89).

Globelink have a long list of “No Screen” conditions which are automatically covered without the need to contact the medical screening service, including High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Diabetes provided you have no related complications.

Purchase travel insurance policy simply & securely online within 5 minutes and your Travel Insurance Policy and Emergency Assistance Card will be delivered to you immediately by email. 


Globelink Travel Insurance More Details

For an instant Travel insurance quote or to arrange cover securely online, enabling you to print your policy documents immediately, visit Globelink or you can telephone Globelink on +44 1353 699 082.

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