Trekking Travel Insurance

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Trekking Travel Insurance

What is Trekking Travel Insurance?

Trekking is a regular experience for many people and they can probably remember their first time. But whether you are a hardened trekker or you are about try it for the first time; you will need to make sure that your travel insurance policy covers this activity. You should also carefully check the small print to see what altitude they will cover you for.
Decent trekking insurance is essential and it should cover you for you for medical and repatriation expenses, but also all the other things that can go wrong on your holiday.

The cheapest comprehensive policy is £ (based on 1 adult aged up to 50 travelling in Europe for up to 5 days).

Trekking Travel Insurance Key Benefits

  • Cover for many pre-existing medical conditions are included, others may require you to make a quick telephone call to ensure that you will be insured in the event of a re-occurrence, or in case it causes you to cancel a pre-booked holiday
  • Many hazardous activities are covered as standard and higher risk activities can often be included for an extra charge
  • Choose from 3 areas of travel: Europe, Worldwide (All countries), or Worldwide (exc. USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan)
  • We help you to customise your travel insurance policy, so it suits all your needs. You can include selected options to your travel insurance policy: Extra Cover for Valuables, Extra Cover for Cancellation, Excess Waiver etc.

Attention! The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) provides some emergency healthcare within the EU, but it does not cover Repatriation costs, or a doctor or nurse escort home; nor lost or stolen property. You need Travel Insurance for that.


What is covered?

All Globelink travel insurance policies will cover you for trekking to altitudes of up to 3,500 metres (that's almost 11,500 feet!), so long as it does not involve technical climbing (for that you would need mountaineering cover) with search and rescue and helicopter evacuation for medical reasons only. If you intend trekking to higher altitudes, you are advised to arrange alternative cover.

Know before you go

Research the area well before you travel, make sure you carry suitable sun screen, insect repellent, prescribed medication etc. Pack suitable clothing for the adverse whether conditions you might face at higher altitudes. Find out about trekking routes, trekking grades and risks of trekking in the trekking guide.

Risks include physical exhaustion, altitude sickness, and injury. You might develop headaches, nausea and extreme tiredness bought on by the effect of the thinner air at high altitudes. Your tour guides will be aware of the dangers and will always be looking out for your safety and wellbeing and you should follow their advice at all times.

Still have questions?

Globelink team will assist solving any of your questions over the phone 00 44 (0) 1353 699082.

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