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  • Stay Safe and Travel Aware

    Wherever you plan to travel, check the FCO Travel Aware website for essential safety and security information. It could invalidate your travel insurance if you go against their advice.

  • Don’t skimp on Travel Insurance – it could cost you thousands

    It’s definitely worth the price. Lost luggage or a medical problem could cost you thousands. Why take the risk? Especially when you can buy a Globelink Globetrekker policy for under £45 for one months’ cover.

  • Do your research - don’t just go for the cheapest option!

    Most backpacker policies offer scaled down cover, so check that it suits you. Remember that comparison sites don’t truly trawl the entire market for you. Read Customer Reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations before you buy.

  • Got any Pre-existing medical conditions? Read the terms before you buy!

    And ensure you comply. You may need to pay extra if you want a pre-existing medical condition covered. If you don’t, it could cost you thousands in medical bills, or invalidate your insurance if you don’t declare a condition.

  • Are the cover limits sufficient?

    How much were your flights and pre-paid accommodation? What about valuables and gadgets you plan to take? Check that the Cancellation cover and Baggage cover (including Single Article Limit) are sufficient. This will avoid a nasty surprises if you need to claim.

  • Working while you’re away? Check the policy exclusions!

    If you’re thinking of working while you’re away to supplement your budget, be careful as some policies exclude all, or certain types of work. All our policies at Globelink cover you to work abroad.

  • Trying an Adventure activity? Don’t skimp on getting it covered!

    You are at a higher risk of injury whilst participating in an adventure activity. So it’s especially important to check that the policy covers anything you plan to try. Check their Adventure Activities / Hazardous Pursuits list.

  • When should you buy your travel policy? As soon as you know when you’re travelling!

    Most Backpacker policies cover you for trip Cancellation costs as soon as you buy the policy, even if your trip actually starts much later! So buy as soon as you book your trip. That way, if something major stops you from travelling – like unforeseen illness or injury - you can claim.

  • Be ready for an emergency. Know your 24 hr Assistance provider.

    Most policies have a 24 hrs Emergency Assistance service. Keep their details handy. They will be your best friend if you fall ill or have an accident abroad!

  • Know the claims procedure. It could save you time and stress!

    All policies have a claims procedure that you must follow to claim successfully. Most will require evidence and receipts to prove your loss. Read our main guide for common reasons why claims are rejected. These may surprise you!

  • Money matters: the better you plan, the more you will get out of your travels

    What will you spend? Accommodation, travel, excursions, food, drink, clothes, calls and data? Work out a budget, stick to it and include a contingency set aside for emergencies!

  • Pack smart with a packing checklist.

    It’s in your interests to travel light and avoid unnecessary baggage. Check out our favourite packing checklist in the main guide to help you.

  • Research each location. Don’t miss out on the good stuff.

    Our main guide has lots of inspiration on where you can go and what you can do. Don’t just rock up in a new destination and expect to get the best out of it. You may end up wasting precious time!

Our main guide has lots of inspiration on where you can go and what you can do, don’t just rock up in a new destination and end up wasting precious time!

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