Abseiling Travel Insurance

Abseiling is an ultimate challenge for those who love the feeling of adrenaline rush and enjoy testing one’s courage. What can be more breathtaking than the moment when you look down to the ground from the top of the rock? Most people would think that the only way to get down is to call the helicopter rescue, but if you’ve mastered the art of abseiling, all you need to get down is a rope.


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Despite being often described as a glamorous adventure activity, abseiling is actually the most dangerous of mountaineering sports. However this doesn’t stop abseilers from trying to conquer terrain that would be too time-consuming or difficult to descend on foot. If you’ve never abseiled before, you might want to start at ground level down a shallow slope. Remember that you can easily slip and let go of the rope, which can lead to very serious consequences, so using autobloc as a backup is essential. 


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If you are going to descent the rock which takes more than one rope length, then you’ll need to abseil on doubled ropes.  Remember to pull the rope carefully and treat spikes with suspicion, as they can snag the rope. Proper anchors are also very crucial for the descent, as you rely on them completely. Sound abseiling gear is a must-have, because in abseiling a single equipment malfunction can mean serious injuries and even fatalities. It is better to take new, unused gear, especially if you’re a beginner.  You never know how damaged the used sling might be.


Why do you need travel insurance for abseiling?

Abseiling in a new, unfamiliar place in an amazing experience, so don’t let a chance to try it get away. However, make sure you follow all of the safety rules when engaging in the most dangerous mountaineering activity. If you’re abseiling in a foreign country, take out abseiling travel insurance, as even the simple medical care can cost much more abroad than it would at home, and you wouldn’t want to add up financial problems to the health problems you might sustain.


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