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09 April 2009 by Anna Staford

Travelling to Spain

Spainish culture is controlled by the Ministry of Culture. Today it channels a good part of public funds to the cultural aspect with other ministries such as Education and Foreign Affairs collaborating.

The basic concern of the new democratical cultural policy lies in respecting the creator's liberty after decades of official interference. At the same time, Spainish Ministry of Culture has tried to respond to and stimulate the strong cultural demand of Spanish society and to gradually remedy the dearth of cultural infrastructure.

Spainish Ministry of Culture has published a cultural guide, 'Guia de los Servicios Culturales', in which you can find a list of all Spanish cultural institutions, with additional information on the main tasks of all Spanish cultural authorities. Should you need any additional information about cultural policy, you may request the above-mentioned guide at:


Secretaria General Tecnica

'Guia de Servicios Culturales

Abdon Terradas,

728015 MADRID

Phone: (1) 544 90 33

(1) 543 93 66

or at:


Plaza del Rey, 1

28004 MADRID

Phone: (1) 532 12 22

(1) 532 50 89

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