5 Ways to Find a Job While Travelling in Spain

21 Jul 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Spain

It can’t be denied that travelling can be draining to your pockets, thus, many people save a lot of money before they even want to start a life of long-term travel. But for many people, finding work in their travel destination can be beneficial to at least offset some or all of their expenses incurred.

Are you looking for ways to earn while in Spain? Here are some tips on how to find a job in Spainwhile travelling, especially when you’re looking for long-term income possibilities.

Speak the Lingo

Learn Spanish in Spain and Work

The short answer is "Yes" you need to speak the language if you are going to have any success working in Spain. There are many “expats only” jobs in Madrid, but without speaking at least some Spanish, your chances of getting these jobs are 1%. That being said, speaking fluent English is a definite advantage and should be leveraged wherever you can. So get the Rosetta Stone on your phone and start practicing.

Michael Thomas was the man who taught French to Grace Kelly when she married the Prince of Monaco and offers some of the best language courses on the market. In many people’s experience, it takes just a few months of soaking up the local culture to get to a basic conversational level and will be a bonus when it comes to the interview.

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Use Your Native English as an Advantage

To be fair, most of the work that you will get will be something to the extent where English is an advantage. Most expats start of teaching English and then progress to other work after some time. Large international corporations that deal with a lot of foreigners are always looking for professionals with good language skills.

Network, Network, Network

Nwtworking via LinkedIn

Spain is notorious for hiring based on word-of-mouth referrals rather than individual credentials, and thus, it is time to up your game on LinkedIn and all other social media. Get in touch with locals and get as much face-to-face networking done as possible. Madrid has embraced the 21st century with open arms and LinkedIn is fast becoming one of Spain's most popular social networks. Be sure to connect with as many people as you can, take part in discussions related to your field, ask for endorsements and recommendations and follow companies that you would like to work for. Many interviews are offered over LinkedIn so be sure to have your profile up to date with a professional photo and a great summary.

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Don't Tell Them You're a Tourist

People often don't believe that you are in Spain simply because you like it here, thus, it is important that you convince the recruiter that you are not here to waste their time and that you are serious about working and building a career in Spain. Even if it is the farthest thing from why you are really there, it is important that you can convey to the recruiter that there is a very good reason that you are in Spain and that you are not just there for the sun and the beaches.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Au Pair Madrid

Au Pair jobs are plentiful in large cities like Madrid and it is one of the best jobs to get if you are looking to get to know the culture and get up to speed with the Spanish language. Host families in Spain love the positive impact foreign Au Pairs have on their children as you will be teaching your Language and culture to their children. Take into account that you will be working with children so leave your scruffy ways at home.

Consider these tips if you want to get a job and earn while travelling in Spain. It’s possible to have a long-term job here, just make sure to enhance your skills that will bring you to success in the industry you’re in. While some long-term travellers quit their high paying jobs in their hometown to travel, many of them end up cleaning toilets and waiting tables just to get free accommodation and food. If you want to do more with your career and be a professional in Spain, it’s time to up your game. May the tips above help you enjoy a pleasant travel and a satisfying job. Always obtain working abroad travel insurance before starting your trip.

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