10 Good Tips to Improve Your Travel Photos

28 Feb 2017 by Olga Brighton

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Capturing the atmosphere of a city, a famous landmark or top travel destination is a must while travelling. What better way to do that than through great photos which you can later browse, send to friends, or use as wallpaper for your gadgets.

Here are 10 travel photos tips to improve your travel photos and ensure that you capture the unique characteristics of each location.

1. Get your smartphone or camera insured before you go

Insuring your phone

This will protect you against any unexpected mishaps while you are away. Check the single article limit and policy excess to ensure its right for the gadgets you are taking with you.

2. Once you are there - wake up early

The best travel photographs are taken in the soft, morning light. Waking up early is especially useful when you’re going to a major tourist attraction as there will be less tourists to dodge. Even though it may still be a challenge to avoid the hordes at iconic locations like The Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, you will improve your chances if you start early. Just before sunset is also a beautiful time to take great photos.

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3. Approach from a different perspective

When you visit a must-see attraction, you will definitely want that “must-have” photo of the landmark in all its glory. While it is good to have the expected shot of the Eiffel Tower or the Washington Monument or the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, it is also good to take your own unique perspective. Try an alternative view, or angle to make a difference. Visit some of these 20 most scenic places in the world to photograph.

4. Remember the rule of thirds

How to do travel photography

One basic photography principle is composing your photo with the rule of thirds. This will help you balance your images. Keep the essential parts of the photo into imaginary grids of thirds so that you have a balanced image.

5. Relax. You don’t need to shoot everything.

One mistake that most travellers make is to be so focussed on capturing good images that they forget to experience the site through their own eyes. You don’t need to shoot everything in sight. Take the time to relax and absorb the culture and atmosphere without stressing about getting the best shot. Learn how to take stunning travel photos with your iPhone.

6. Think about the light

Light casts shadows at different times of the day, and will impact the image depending on the angle you chose. Be aware of the position of the sun as this may result in over exposed images, or your shadow in the photo!

7. Don’t forget the human element

Some of the best travel photographs feature an anonymous person set against a majestic backdrop, or a busy market square packed full of people. People in photographs give perspective, create a mood and give a sense of scale against a monument or sweeping landscape.

8. Be in the thick of things

Travel pictures

One great photographer said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough.” Good travel photos require you to take pictures right at the scene of the action. You should be experiencing it yourself and in the moment.

9. Remember foreground, midground, and background

This especially applies to shooting a landscape or a skyline. Remembering the foreground, midground, and background will give a better balanced, three-dimensional image. Take stock of your surroundings, and see what will work well as an interesting foreground or midground to include in the shot.

10. Backup

All your hard work will be in vain if you lose your photos. It’s essential to back-up your photos both on hard drive and online. You can use Google Drive for online cloud storage. Use all possible means to keep your precious photos safe.

Keep travelling and keep practicing your photo taking to improve your skills and photo library.

Don’t forget to take out a reliable Travel Insurance Policy to help protect you against any mishaps.

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