10 Tips on Staying Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine

18 Mar 2020 by Olga Brighton

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As millions of us face compulsory coronavirus quarantine, or self-imposed isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, we take a look at some tips to stave off boredom and keep positive while you’re stuck at home, or indeed stuck away from home.

As tempting as it may be to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, this is unlikely to sustain you for long. It’s important to stay in good shape, both physically and mentally, which means staying active, staying in touch and maintaining good principles of routine and self-care.

1. Structure Your Day

Working at home

Working at home? Adapt your usual routine to being at home. Set yourself up with a comfortable workstation with everything at hand. Set aside time for lunch and breaks and take time away from your workstation to stretch and recharge.

If you’re not working, break your day into segments and plan what you want to do – from simple tasks to major missions.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Keep doing all the things that help you stay healthy – stay hydrated, eat well, get enough exercise and rest.

3. Stay in Touch

Stay connected with those close to you. Thanks to social networks it’s easy to see and speak with our friends and family, even if we can’t be with them. Help those less tech-savvy family and friends navigate apps that will help them stay connected with you.

4.Get Things Done

Wardrobe reorganisation

Accomplishing something during an isolation period is important for everyone – adults and children alike – whether it’s homework, reorganising your wardrobe, or starting that long overdue project.

5. Do What Helps You Relax

Make time for something you enjoy that helps you relax, or try something new.

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6. Stay Active and Keep Moving

Stay active while in doors (if you are feeling well enough). No need for fancy gym equipment – just a simple exercise routine tailored to your abilities can help. Ensure your living space is well ventilated so you get plenty of fresh air.

7. Give Each Other Space

If you are isolated with other family or friends it’s great to enjoy time together, but you also need space to yourselves.

8. Let’s Bake!

Home cooking

As long as you maintain good food hygiene, this could be a great time to hone your cooking and baking skills and treat family members to some great home cooking.

9. Reach out for Help

There is a myriad of information about coronavirus and it can be overwhelming. Don’t fall for fake news. Use reliable sources like the FCO and your own local Government websites. If you’re feeling anxious or worried about coronavirus, there are charities that can provide practical advice. “Mind” is a mental health charity in England and Wales. They offer information to help your wellbeing during situations like the unprecedented one we find ourselves in.

10. Plan for Your Next Trip!

There’s nothing to stop you taking this extraordinary time to research the next place in the world you’d like to visit. After all if you can’t travel there right now, at least you’ll be brilliantly prepared when you can! And don’t forget your travel insurance.

Stay safe and continue to follow your Government’s advice and that of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

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