7 Cheapest and Most Christmassy European Destinations

17 Dec 2015 by Olga Brighton

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The traditional Christmas celebration’s with wrapping presents, filling the stockings with candy canes, decorating the beautiful Christmas tree and enjoying the snowy landscapes can never be underestimated. If you are a Christmas traveler and wish for a budget holiday, then winter in Europe is the best option for you. So book tickets, pack your bags and spend some unforgettable time in Europe, paying half price of what you would pay in summer! Globelink International presents you the 7 cheap Christmas destinations in Europe to explore this winter holidays.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Christmas

As Dublin is close to the sea, it means that Jack Frost is even more severe there than anywhere else. But if you are after real festive feeling, the cold wet weather should not become a great challenge for you. Once you are there, take a long walk around the city, enjoy the Christmas decorations with iconic Christmas tree, and of course visit some of the famous Irish pubs. Live music, delicious beer’s and friendly atmosphere with the Irish sense of humor will certainly warm up your heart.

Hostels: from 9 €

Weather: 5°C/ 41°F

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Magically beautiful but also one of the coldest winter destinations is the Russian second largest city – Saint Petersburg. Pack your warmest clothes and allow yourself to go into the beauty of this historical place. After you explored the old town of Saint Petersburg and heard all the exciting legends about Romanov family, have a hot cup of tea and join the warm hostel lounge. The city features numerous traditional holiday fairs where you can learn about the Russian culture and get some hand-made holiday ornaments, greeting cards, designer soaps and many more. Your little ones will be excited with the master class on gift-wrapping and watching cartoons with the other kids.

Hostels: from 8,5 €

Weather: -6°C/ 22°F

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius was the European Capital of culture in 2009 so there are many interesting things to see. Take a ride with Christmas train in the Old Town (Senamiestis) or spend time inside the ancient building’s without getting bored. The huge playful Christmas tree, decorated with flashing cookies, pieces of orange and colorful candies, will stand at City Hall Square, where The International Christmas Charity Fair will be held.

Hostels: from 8 €

Weather: -5°C/ 23°F

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Christmas market

According to the statistics Berlin is one of the most famous Christmas destinations as this city has its own unique Christmas spirit. Even though it’s freezing, and your boots may get wet from all the snow, you will be thrilled with the special atmosphere which rules there during the festive season. If you like Christmas markets you are at the right place – Berlin has more than 60! WeihnachtsZauber at the Gendarmenmarkt is the most popular and literally means magic Christmas with loads of cute crafts and mouthwatering snacks. Globelink also recommends you to take a walk along the Sonnenallee, the river of Spree and visit the district of Prenzlauer Berg to have a glass of traditional German beer.

Hostels: from 6,5 €

Weather: 0°C/ 32°F

Krakow, Poland

A blanket of white shining snow with the beautiful frosty trees all around will definitely make you feel even more Christmassy. Winter in Krakow is a dream destination for every winter lover so put your hat and gloves on and head to the Christmas market to try the cold-winter treats like Christmas gingerbread. Note that Krakow is especially wonderful at night when you can experience the city light up with Christmas and New Year Eve lights. Indeed, when Krakow decks its halls for the festive season it seems to demonstrate all the magic that Hollywood has taught us Christmas is supposed to have.

Hostels: from 6 €

Weather: 0°C/ 32°F

Bucharest, Romania

Romania Christmas market

The City of Bucharest , which is also known as “Paris of the East”, marks the holiday season with alluring Christmas market stretched out in the central University Square. It runs right until January 5th and offers visitors 65 incredibly decorated wooden stalls with beautiful handicrafts, sweet traditional gingerbread, hot mulled wine and even all sorts of regional pies and cured meats. Feel the real Christmas spirit at night when nearly 3 million lights will illuminate the boulevards and streets of the city.

Hostels: from 3 €

Weather: -2°C/ 29°F

Prague, Czech Republic

The weather is freezing, the wine is hot and the hostels are cheap! During the Christmas time Prague is lit up by the Christmas Markets all over the city. The two main Christmas Markets in Prague are at held at the Old Town Square near the Charles Bridge and the Wenceslas Square in the center. December is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful months of the year in this magical city. Prague at Christmas time is a special place, so bundle up and take a walk along the Old Town’s streets and boulevards. If you get cold, have some hot chocolate at a café or buy an aromatic cup of mulled wine to quickly warm yourself up. Decorated Christmas trees around the town squares, the streets filled with warm light, friendly people in cafes and restaurants, festive atmosphere and all is covered in fresh, white snow - what more can you ask for?

Hostels: from 2,5 €

Weather: -3°C/ 28°F

The entire world is preparing for the most magical holiday of the year. And it is probably hard to find a travel destination where you will not feel the Christmas spirit and enjoy the festive atmosphere. So whatever you choose, Globelink International wishes you Merry Christmas and may this season be filled with joy and happiness for you and your family.

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