6 Personalised Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

18 Nov 2019 by Olga Brighton

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Thanksgiving may be a festivity predominantly celebrated in the US and Canada, but if you have friends or relations from across the pond close-by around Thanksgiving why not show them how much you care with personalised Thanksgiving gifts? If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 7 gift ideas that are guaranteed to impress. Websites such as notonthehighstreet and etsy offer great choice for all budgets.

1. Thanksgiving Personalised Apron

Let's face it, there’ll probably be a mammoth amount of cooking happening between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Festivities, so why not make sure the chef does it in style with a personalised apron. The world is your oyster as far a size, colour, material, inscription and price range goes, so get browsing for a Black Friday bargain.

2. Photo Book

Photo Book gift

Snaps of past Thanksgivings would be perfect, but you cant go wrong with a family/friends photo book as a truly personal, meaningful gift. They’re a great way of displaying some of life’s most precious moments and a thoughtful alternative to scrolling through albums on social media, or your smart phone.

3. Festive Spirits

Opt for your loved-ones favourite tipple and look out for persalised options. There is endless choice available from champagnes to flavoured gins and aged brandy. Go for extra luxury with a boxed version.

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4. Personalised Thanksgiving Candle

thanksgiving candles

Thanksgiving season comes with long cosy nights when days are at their shortest, so what better than the warming glow of candle light. Candles of all shapes, sizes and scents are available these days and whether you are after a modern take on an old classic, or a traditional touch, you’ll definitely find what you need. Go for a personalised inscription, or personalise the holder for a meaningful and useful gift.

5. ‘Grateful and Thankful’ Serving Set

A great gift to show off during those family and friends meals gathered around the table, tucking into a delicious homecooked meal with all the trimmings. With luck you can take advantage of Black Friday gift deals. Personalise with the name of your loved one or any other inscription you’d like.

6. Happy Thanksgiving Passport Holder

passport holder gift

Finally, the last of our gift ideas is a Happy Thanksgiving passport holder or luggage label. Pretty self-explanatory and always useful – especially as it may not be the kind of thing you would remember to but yourself.

Hopefully we’ve helped with a few ideas – but there are lots more if you take a browse through Pinterest, Etsy, Notonthehighstreet and others. Not least of all, it should help with some Christmas ideas too! Happy shopping!

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