Benefits of Vacation at Deserted Beaches

27 Sep 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Have you ever dreamt of staying alone or as a couple at a place where nobody else can reach you? Would you like to relax your body, mind and soul simultaneously? Would you like to experience something radically different from your daily life or ordinary vacation? Then choose one of the best deserted beaches in the world and escape from the bustling routine. About these pleasant things and many more benefits of vacation at deserted beaches you may learn by reading the following 42 lines. Rest like this has the following benefits:

1. Deep relaxation

Beach relaxation

Actually, it is the most important thing to do at least once per year. Relaxation is important because your body as well as your mind needs rest from your labours. No doubt that the whole year your brains and muscles have been working industriously. To keep working in the same rhythm your body and mind need a breath of fresh air. Why deserted beach is the best place for relaxation? It’s clear. Because nobody is there to irritate you and prevent from enjoying your time.

2. Feel like in a movie

Movies are the world of illusion. It is always great to be a part of illusion. For example, why not to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in the beginning of the cult film The Beach. Would you like to appear somewhere in the "paradise" location where you can experience something new and magical? Deserted beaches give you such a unique chance because when the entire beach is covered with people it is hard to see the beauty of surrounding nature. Discover your own “heaven on earth”.

3. Loneliness

Some say loneliness is depressing and sad. Look at this from the other side. Being lonely at the deserted beach lets you rest from urban noise and organize your thoughts and plans. No crowds of tourists, nothing embarrasses and irritates you. You are alone at an amazing place and far from civilisation. Take your time!

4. Health

Health beach

Deserted beaches will be likely cleaner than crowded ones. Sea and ocean will also be as clean as a whistle. Remember how the ancient monks searched for loneliness hiding at the deserted beaches. Our ancestors were healthy because they spent most of their time in the open air and around a healthy environment.

5. No connection

Nowadays people panic if their Internet connection is lost even for 5 minutes. Yes, it is a problem that we are so used to with electronic devices that we can not imagine our life without them. However, sometimes merging with nature is much more useful and pleasant than “merging with electronics”. At such place as beautiful deserted beach you will realise that you can live life without Internet and mobile phone.

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6. Nudism

Even if you are not a nudist, deserted beach is a great opportunity to release yourself. Have you ever thought of trying to feel like Adam and Eva felt? Have you ever swum naked? Have you ever suntanned naked? All this you can experience at the deserted beach. You may take some naked pictures as well.

7. Impressions

Impressions that you can get staying at a deserted beach are special. No other places in the world are so virgin. A lot of experienced travellers will get envious when they hear that you have been to a place like that. The most luxurious hotels of the world are miles apart.

8. Romance

Beach romance

If you travel with your soulmate there is no better place for romance than a deserted beach. The sound of water, falling stars, shining moon, rolling waves, and the main benefit is realising that nobody is around. Free your imagination!

9. Close to nature

In our daily life usually we are so busy that we don’t notice tiny and beautiful things around us. When was the last time you raised your head and looked in the night sky?

The atmosphere of the deserted beach will make you start enjoying all these amenities on a hunch. Just come to the deserted beach and you will be closer to all nature wonders and the water element. Forget about civilisation, iPhone, WiFi and new series of M.D. House. Let’s admire the scenery! Travel safely with Globelink!

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