Best Family Vacation Destinations for Summer

15 Jul 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Summer is an amazing time for vacations. With that in mind, you ought to start planning your family vacation for this time of the year. There are plenty of choices, from the beaches of the Far East to the grandiose cities in Europe to the cosmopolitan attractions in the United States. Wherever you may be headed, make sure that you purchase family Travel Insurance to shield you against out-of-pocket expenses. With this type of insurance, you can get compensated for unforeseen circumstances from emergency medical expenses, failing to catch a flight due to weather disturbances, or losing your baggage.

Czech Republic

In Europe, one of the best cities for the entire family to see and experience is Prague in Czech Republic. The Czech capital is home to countless of castles which should captivate adults and children alike. The Prague Castle is considered as the most popular of these structures, and is said to be the oldest ancient castle in the world. Comparable to the size of seven football fields, it has churches, gardens and alleyways which can take days for the entire family to finish touring.

The heart of Prague is the Old Town Square, with its bustling cafes and street-sellers. The real draw for the family here is the Astronomical Clock, built during the 15th century. Adults should be in awe seeing the numerous Baroque buildings surround the square. There is also the St. Nicholas Church nearby with its colourful frescos and soaring dome that will leave the entire family captivated.

If you prefer to head out East, then Thailand should be one of the nations you should check out. Perhaps the most tourist-oriented country in Southeast Asia, your family won’t have any troubles going around town. A trip to Thailand won’t be complete without going to Phuket, where your children will have fun riding elephants, exploring caves and of course, enjoying the beach. Other activities worth trying in Phuket are snorkelling, wakeboarding, and horse riding.


Once you have bought Family Travel Insurance, consider booking a trip to Florida in the United States. You will surely appreciate the warm weather in this state, aside from its numerous kid-friendly attractions. Foremost of these is Disney Magic Kingdom, arguably the most popular theme park in this part of the world. But apart from this theme park, there are other attractions worth your while in Florida.

There’s the Miami Science Museum which has over 140 hands-on exhibits that put to display the various mysteries of the universe. The museum regularly holds live demos that demand audience participation, which can tickle the interest of adults and children alike. It also has an extensive collection of specimens. Other must-visit spots in Florida are the Jungle Island in Miami, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, and the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona.

Miami, USA

Prague, Thailand and Florida are just three family-friendly destinations that you should consider visiting this summer. But before you make travel arrangements, purchase Family Travel Insurance first so that your trip with the entire household will be worry-free and more enjoyable.

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