Breaking Stereotypes: 10 Original Presents for Your Valentine

12 Feb 2015 by Olga Brighton

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It is funny how despite being the celebration of love, Valentine's Day can be one of the most hated holidays in the world. We loathe and dread this day when we are single. We roll our eyes and sigh at it when we are coupled. As we get older, we realise that the idea of this holiday got lost behind all the commercialisation and tacky gifts. One way to enjoy this day no matter who you are is to ditch all the stereotypes and have fun with unconventional gifts for your loved ones on 14th of February. Here are top ten non-tacky Valentine's gifts for your loved ones.

1. Extreme Activity Certificate


Has your loved one ever dreamed of trying skydiving or swimming with the dolphins? Recall that long forgotten idea and bring it to life. There is no way they will ever forget the Valentine's Day when they received a ride on the tallest roller coasted in the world instead of a stuffed bear.

2. Personalised World Travel Map

Whether you two enjoy travelling together or only aspire to become fellow travellers, a personalised world map will be an amazing gift from your partner. Reminisce about your travels and chart your future adventures together!

3. Kindle Fire


Get your loved one a tablet that will keep them company no matter where they are - on the couch at home or at the airport of an exotic country. Your partner will never get bored without you and you will always stay connected no matter what.

4. Sweets Maker

If you still can't picture Valentine's Day without iconic chocolate candy or other sweets, break the stereotypes by presenting your loved one with a chocolate making kit or donut maker. Have fun in the kitchen together and then enjoy the sweet delight!

5. Travel Mug or Bottle

When your loved ones don't have you to keep them warm, make sure their coffee will. Sure travel mugs are often perceived as a boring go-to gift, but if you choose something really unique, there will be no better way to remind your partner of you every morning you spend apart.

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6. Peronalised Wall Print

Forget the tacky quotes printed on a lovely background, make this special print really about your partner or you too. Make a poster of your treasured location or a bespoke heart map art about your journey abroad.

7. Scavenger Hunt

puzzles for memories

Make puzzles for your loved one and hide the clues all around the places where you've had some of your best memories. It will give a chance to relive all of those treasured moments, and in the end you'll get the key for your Valentine's Day activity - an evening out, a dinner, a movie marathon or something else.

9. Geeky Gift

On 14th of February You don't have to turn to sweets, red colour and flowers. On the Day of Love remember other things your partner loves. If they love Harry Potter movies, have a romantic date at Warner Bros. Studio. If they are into some popular TV series, present them with a themed gift. Make this day about your most favourite person and you won't regret it.

8. Grow-a-plant Kit

Everybody loves flowers, but giving them for Valentine's Day has become so tacky, that some of us roll our eyes at the idea of receiving a bouquet of red roses. Give your Valentine a grow-a-plant kit! Go for sweet peas if you feel romantic and choose chili kit you like it hot.

10. Vacation


Make all the arrangements in secret and make it a surprise. You don't have to fly to Paris or Venice to make your trip romantic. Go somewhere you've never been, maybe to a local underrated destination that doesn't necessarily look like a filming location of another romcom.

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