Essential Tips for Cruising

22 May 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Travelling may be a breeze for most people but it does raise several concerns when you have come to that interesting age called “senior.” It does not mean you cannot enjoy travelling at this stage of life; in fact, this is probably one time when you will enjoy travelling that is for sheer pleasure. Travelling during your younger years meant a business conference or a package holiday.

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At this point, however, when you have retired from the rat race, you can enjoy travelling like never before. You can do so by organizing your planned cruise ahead of time to avoid unnecessary untoward incidents. Whether you admit it or not, there are some concerns that pertain almost exclusively to seniors. Here are some of those concerns:

Nine Essential Tips

  • Clothing – dependent on the kind of weather your cruise will take place in. Lightweight clothing is in order if your destinations have hot or humid temperatures. If your itinerary will include countries that generally have cold climate conditions, then bring pieces of the appropriate apparel.
  • Footwear – there may be dancing on board the cruise ship, but you cannot go on walking and engaging in cruise events on uncomfortable shoes. Bring at least two pairs for walking and lounging around your cabin.
  • Passport – this should not be expired.
  • Tickets – both for the airplane and the cruise ship itself and, if applicable, vouchers and transfers for hotels.
  • Traveller’s cheques, some cash, and credit cards – you cannot leave financial emergencies to chance, hence, the need for some cash.
  • Medications – ensure that you have an adequate supply of your medications since there is no guarantee that the cruise ship would have them available on board in your specific dosage.
  • Insurance policy – you should never take a chance on anything that may or may not happen when you are a senior. Remember to secure your senior citizen travel insurance documents in an enclosure or container that is not only waterproof but weather-proof as well.
  • Camera – need anything more be said? Cruise ships offer the best opportunity to take some of the most interesting, breath-taking, and simply unforgettable photographs.
  • Luggage – remember to include important details on your luggage tags such as your full name, address, contact numbers, the cruise ship’s name, your cabin number, and the port and date of your embarkation. The name of your next of kin should also be written in case of an emergency.

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Enjoy the Cruise and Remember to be Safe

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Senior cruise activities and events are announced daily in newsletters distributed in several languages by the cruise ship company. Some of these include films, shows or “mini” concerts, buffet meals, entertainment by artists, shore excursions and shopping, dancing, and games on board. The frequency of your participation in these activities and events will depend largely on your interests or health. Inform the cruise ship director or manager of any special requirements you may need for your diet or medical needs that should be attended to while you are on board.

For seniors with health conditions, remember that cruise trips are different from land travel, and if you are travelling alone, you may require a companion when you travel if you do not have full mobility or use a wheelchair (which should be foldable). However exciting the festivities turn out on board the cruise ship, bear in mind that there are emergency possibilities of a fire. Always have your senior citizen travel insurance policy, valuables, and other important documents at the ready if the situation calls for evacuation.

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