Essential Tips for Seniors Travelling to the UK

14 Jan 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to the UK

Seniors travelling is very feasible and actually easy to do in the UK. Most travel agencies have packaged tours that are deemed safe for older adults looking for a light and easy trip around the United Kingdom. There is no need to limit the activities for your senior companions as the country is extremely senior-friendly when it comes to tourist spots.

If you and your travelling companion wish to see the beauty and magnificence of North of England, then here is a list of the best tips and activities you can do while travelling with seniors.

1. Sign up to the Virgin Balloon flight

Virgin Balloon flight

Do not be frightened to invite your senior companion to a ballon ride as it may be one of the greatest adventure’s they will take in their lifetime. This adventurous activity is safe and operated only by professionals so the risk of an accident is reduced.Not only will this allow your older companion to see the grand scenery of the UK but they will also be able to experience sunrise or sunset at it’s finest. Best to review the website where this is offered with your companion to increase their excitement and encourage them to experience it.

2. Experience traditional opera at the Opera North Grand Theatre

Not only will this experience make your senior companion reminisce about the good old days, it can also make you appreciate art and the opera better. Apart from opera, this theatre also provides Orchestral experiences and presentation that will make you and your companion fall in love with the performing arts once again.

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3. Have an afternoon tea at the famous Vienna Coffee House in Manchester

This coffee house will provide such a luxurious experience that you’ll wonder why you don’t go there on a daily basis. The quiet and sophisticated ambience will not only bring you and your older companion to the golden days of elegance but it will also make you believe in grandeur once again.It is advisable to book in advance as the coffee house is almost always full. Booking can be done online which makes it easier and hassle-free.

4. Be awed by the Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool cathedral

Cathedral tours all over the UK are available every day. There are several tour packages to choose from but the Liverpool Cathedral would be a wise choice. Completed in 1978, this cathedral has no historical presence but the grand and magnificent architecture is a sight to behold. It also holds the title of “the largest cathedral in United Kingdom” and is also known to be one of the biggest in the world.

There are many things to do in the UK and it doesn’t always have to be just city tours. As long as you have pre-planned your trip, appropriate travel insurance cover and all the details comfirmed with your companions before giving it a go, then your UK trip will be flawless and smooth from the day you and your companion step off the plane.

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