Essential Tips While Travelling to Italy

30 Jul 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Italy is a country that is as beautiful as dangerous. You will miss a lot if you pass over this incredible country. However, if you lose, for example, your passport in this incredible country your trip will not be so incredible. In order to avoid such travel troubles, get to know about essential tips when travelling to Italy.

Italy travel tips
  • A very important thing that I would like to emphasize first of all is as follows: keep your stuff as close to yourself as you can. Never, under any circumstances, leave them unattended, especially your passport and money. One moment of your inattention will be enough for thieves to do their business. One moment of your inattention may cost you spoilt holidays, undesirable delays and unwanted hassle.
  • If you are going to Italy in summer, please, remember that it is extremely hot in some cities such as Rome, Florence etc. There is a probability that such heat could leave you dehydrated and feeling unwell, so take sensible precautions to avoid such problems. Visit the supermarket before you spend the day sightseeing and get yourself a large bottle of water because buying water in tourist areas can be very expensive indeed.
  • There are many illegal street traders in Italy who are trying to sell their goods (handbags, souvenirs, flowers etc.). Not only might the police want to talk to you about buying stolen goods, but these traders might be there to distract you whilst their accomplice picks your pocket!
Phrasebook Italian
  • It would do no harm if you have a small phrasebook with Italian words and phrases. It is good if you can pronounce such simple Italian words as “ciao” (hello and bye), “bongiorno” (good afternoon), “grazie” (thank you), “entrata” (enter), “uscita” (exit), “prego” (welcome in response to “thank you”) etc. These phrases may help you to become closer to Italians.
  • Keep in mind that you have to book tickets in advance to take a tour or to get into such places as the Colosseum, Saint Peter's Basilica. Lines to the ticket offices are endless. Crowds of tourists are everywhere and this also complicates taking decent pictures because someone always gets in the frame.
  • Supermarkets and food stores in big cities stay open till 7:30 – 8 p.m. So unless you want to eat in an overpriced restaurant, you should remember to pick up something to eat before the shops close.
  • Don’t exchange currency in big hotels as they will charge you up to 10% commission. Instead go to bank where the rate is around 3%.
Public transport in Italy
  • As for public transport you should be aware of prices. You cannot use individual transport in the center of Florence. So, you will have to use public transport: there are around 35 bus routes. In Rome the most popular public transport are metro and buses. Metro has 2 lines (A and B) and it works till 11:30 p.m. One side ticket by bus and metro costs €1,5. Day ticket for bus and metro costs €6, 3 days ticket costs €19, and 7 days ticket costs €21. In Venice a waterbus (vaporetto) ticket costs €6-7 one side, day ticket costs €10.

NB! We strongly advise you to watch your money, valuables and passport especially when you use public transportation and visit public places (WC, cafes etc.) Every year British consulates in the south of Europe have to deal with 6,000 cases of lost or stolen passports. A lost passport is much more than inconvenience. Watch the video with advice for British tourists on how to take care of your passport when visiting Italy. For a stress free holiday, make sure you have a decent travel insurance policy.

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