FCO and DrinkAware's Media Alert: Stag & Hen Do's and Don'ts

23 Aug 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Each year, an increasing number of British nationals are choosing to travel abroad to celebrate their stag and hen parties. To ensure the bride or groom get off to a perfect start ahead of their big day, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is offering advice on how to stay safe and get the most from your trip.

FCO advice

Latest survey data suggests that 43% of British nationals are more likely to drink abroad than on other occasions. More than half (52%) of respondents admitted to doing something they later regretted after drinking abroad. The research follows news that police patrols at Gatwick Airport will be stepped up to clamp down on drunken and rowdy behaviour. This will be the second successive year of extra patrols during the summer months, when there are an increase in stag and hen parties.

FCO DrinkAware campaign

Other key findings from the poll include:

  • 16% had walked back to their resort or hotel alone or taken a dangerous shortcut;
  • 11% had jumped into a pool while intoxicated;
  • 6% of holidaymakers had tried to drive whilst drunk.

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The FCO’s advice to avoid a hellish stag or hen party abroad includes:

  • Be prepared and fully research the destination, including local laws and customs.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance to cover costs if things go wrong.
  • Check your passport is valid before you travel - otherwise you risk being left behind at the departure gate.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • Use the FCO’s Twitter service @FCOtravel; Facebook or visit www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo to keep up to date on travel advice.

FCO DrinkAware campaign

Cara Fortune, from the FCO’s Know Before You Go team comments: “Stag and Hen parties can be great fun and a time for celebration. But travellers are more likely to take risks and get into trouble abroad if they have been drinking heavily. We encourage anyone having a stag and hen party overseas to follow our guidance for drinking responsibly, being aware of local laws, preparing properly for your trip and doing your research before you go away.”

Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive of the alcohol education charity, Drinkaware said: “No one is telling people they can’t enjoy themselves when they’re partying abroad, but there are still limits, even when you’re drinking. When it comes to your behaviour ask yourself, would I do this if I was sober? You shouldn’t do it when you’re drunk. But vitally, if you find that you might have been drinking past your tipping point, there is a danger that you won’t be able to look after yourself and you will be at risk of harm, then make sure you stay with friends; look out for yourself and those around you.”

Information about how the FCO can help British nationals abroad

The FCO can and cannot

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