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Why Travelling Makes Couples Happier

01 March 2016 by Anna Staford

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So why might couples who travel together have happier relationships?

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Common aim and intention

You have agreed and set out on your journey with shared goals – travelling to your chosen destination, experiencing new places and people and unexpected situations. To leave your comfort zone in search of adventures and live life to the full. These new experiences can make you happier and more content – especially if you are sharing them with the one you love.

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Better understanding

No relationship is argument-free. Travelling together can give you the opportunity to spend more time together and listen to each other, so you understand one another better. Taking the time to listen and respect your loved ones feelings will better equip you to handle any travel mishaps that may occur. Couples on the road learn to adapt and compromise and this helps build a healthier relationship.

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Shared jokes

We can all remember a funny travel story that you laugh over for years. There is no better way to unite people and bring them closer together than sharing these memories with each other and retelling them to friends and family.

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Becoming best fiends

Travelling means spending most of the time together. And it can either make you realise that your relationship is not right, or make you closer friends. Accepting failures, motivating each other, forgiving, forgetting, sharing thoughts, respecting opinions and uniting against problems will all help achieve the strongest relationships.

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Learning something new together

Travelling has always involved gaining new knowledge and new experiences to broaden your mind. Learning something new together bonds people and gives them an opportunity to connect better whilst seeing the world and new sites and cultures.

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Travelling will not guarantee that you will be together for the rest of your lives, but it can give bring you closer as you experience new places together and give you the time to value each other. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip together and travel safely!

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