Fun Ways to Spend Autumn Weekends in the UK

14 Oct 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Autumn is a beautiful season in the UK and there several fun ways to spend all of autumn weekends, beginning with a walk in a park. The scenic aspect of autumn may be seen in the leaves as they turn into majestic golden colours of yellow, red, and brown.

Walking beckons people of all ages to take a walk and enjoy the most of what the outdoors have to offer. Kick some leaves around, feel the cool breeze that foreshadows winter, and see nature at its glorious shedding.

Apple harvest UK

Autumn brings excellent seasonal produce, with apples as one of harvest’s favourites. Eating is great in autumn, if only for the scrumptious apples in abundance. Taste ciders and parries, tour apple orchards, and observe the process of harvesting apples for a memorable weekend at Herefordshire’s Big Apple’s Harvestime. The event also features traditional apple cider making and tutored apple cider tasting.

The annual Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival happens in autumn in Ludlow, Shropshire and features more than 100 small to medium producers of food and beverages from the Marches. Other weekend events include trails of the renowned Ludlow Sausage and the Ale and Festival Loaf Trails. Food preparations as well as food and wine tastings are only some of the popular activities offered at the event held inside and outside Ludlow Castle.

Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival

Celebrate the annual Dylan Thomas Festival in Swansea, Wales where his poetry is read at his old haunt at The Uplands Tavern. Workshops on studies of Thomas’ works are conducted and special guests – Thomas’ friends and contemporaries -- are invited to showcase their talents in multi-arts demonstrations as influenced by Thomas.

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The Agatha Christie Festival is a yearly autumn event in South Devon when the English Riviera is transformed into the world’s murder mystery Mecca. Festival guests can enjoy book readings by crime fiction writers, walk the popular “Agatha Christie Mile,” participate in tea dances, visit Christie’s magnificent Greenway residence along the Dart River, watch the fireworks, and engage in other Agatha Christie-themed competitions.

Autumn fishing UK

Early autumn is the best time for fishing aficionados in the UK. There is an overlap between winter and summer fish species at this time, making it possible to reel in winter cod when you expected only summer mackerel. Cool autumn evenings lure pollock, smooth-hound, wrasse, thornback ray, larger bass, and conger eels. Variables of weather, sea conditions, and tide are some of the factors that you should consider when fishing in the UK during the autumn season.

Whether you are headed for some serious deep-sea fishing or a relaxing and unhurried fishing trip at your favourite haunt, get fishing travel insurance cover or add it to a spearfishing cover or sports travel insurance. Such cover will fully protect you in case of an accident while fishing and against the cost of damage to expensive equipment. Ask your insurer for more information on a fishing travel insurance before autumn begins.

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