Globelink Travel Insurance Survey Results

12 Oct 2017 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Last month, the Globelink Travel Insurance team conducted a travel survey among newsletter subscribers aiming to find out more about where and why you travel and what information you search the web for before going abroad. We’ve also shared the best tried and tested travel tips.

Here’s what we found:

According to our research, your favourite holiday destinations are Europe (33%) and Oceania, New Zealand (27%).Where Brits travel

Our customers shared the reasons why they go on a trip.

26% travel to go sightseeing while 17% visit family and friends. Why Brits travel

According to the survey, you revealed 9 key things that they search for before taking a trip.Brits search for

And here are the top travel tips from Globelink customers:

  • Always make packing lists!
  • Check with brand travel guides. Go to your nationality government travel advice.
  • Remember PIN number.
  • Never book too early.
  • Fly direct to India not via England if travelling from Spain, it is cheaper less hassle.
  • Prepare and plan well ahead of departure time.
  • Always keep a copy of your passport and visa details on your computer in case of loss or theft.
  • Be prepared but flexible for maximum enjoyment!
  • Learn at least a few words in the local language. People are often far more accommodating when they realise you have tried no matter how badly to speak their language.
  • Packing. getting the right balance between the thing you need and the things you might need to wear.
  • If on long haul flights get rest before you travel.
  • Before booking fights do some extensive research using Google Flights, ITA Matrix etc for exciting possibilities.
  • Remember to pack mossie repellant.
  • Be organised, and find out in advance as much as possible about your destination - it makes for a much more relaxing holiday in the end!
  • Lots of plastic bags for laundry, dirty shoes, leakages and keep socks together.

The main travel tip from Globelink is, obviously, taking out the appropriate travel insurance policy depending on where you go and what activities you plan there.

What is your best travel tip? Share in comments below!

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