Can You Get Travel Insurance When You're Already Abroad?

12 Oct 2021 by Olga Brighton

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Already started your trip and forgotten to buy insurance?Can you get travel insurance when you're already abroad?

Finding travel insurance when you’re already travelling can be challenging as most companies require you to buy before you leave home. The good news is that you can still buy insurance when you're already travelling abroad from Globelink and all policies include Coronavirus cover as long as you are not travelling against your government advice. We are proud to provide our customers with this essential travel insurance as we know that sometimes travel insurance is the last thing on your mind when preparing for a trip – especially with all the extra preparation and paperwork needed since Coronavirus.

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Whether you are already travelling, on a gap year, holidaying, working abroad, volunteering, or studying abroad, or extending your trip, Globelink can get you covered in a couple of minutes with ALREADY TRAVELLING Insurance and you will get your policy documents immediately.

If Coronavirus has taught us anything it's how important it is to stay safe and protect ourselves. Don’t take the risk of travelling without insurance. It could cost you thousands in medical bills and untold stress as you try to navigate your way through unfamiliar medical facilities, language barriers and procedures. You can buy already travelling insurance from Globelink in a couple of minutes and you’ll have the peace of mind that you have insurance in place and access to a 24 hour emergency assistance service to help you while you’re away.

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Already Travelling insurance is especially useful if you have travelled for longer than you originally intended. Or you want to extend your trip and your existing policy is expiring. Most policies need you to purchase while you are still home, so Globelink Already Travelling Insurance is perfect for staying protected even when your plans change. You can also extend your policy with us once you purchase simply by betting in touch before it expires. As long as you haven’t been away from home for more than 18 months (or 6 months for ages 66-74 years) we should be able to get you covered.

As you would expect there are some special conditions when purchasing an ALREADY TRAVELLING policy. There is an anti-fraud “waiting period” of 48 hours before the insurance takes effect. However, if you need in-patient hospital treatment you will be covered from the date you buy, subject to the incident being verified independently. Also remember that you won't be covered for any claims or incidents that have already happened. For example, if you lost your camera yesterday, you can’t buy Already Travelling Insurance today and claim for that.

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The FCO always recommends you have travel insurance in place for all those unexpected things that can go wrong, like lost or stolen baggage, lost Passport and money, an accident or illness. It could cost you thousands if you take the risk of staying uninsured and the FCO give examples of spiralling medical costs you could incur while away, like £100,000 for a stomach bug or infection treated in the USA with return flights. See here for more advice from the FCO on why insurance is always a good idea.

Unfortunately, it is pretty common for people to travel without travel insurance. In fact, pre COVID research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), estimated that 8.6 million British holidaymakers alone could be putting themselves at risk due to no travel insurance. See here for more from ABTA.

Wherever you decide to go, its best to research your location in advance and get travel insurance for added peace of mind and travel security.

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