An Essential Guide to 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

18 Dec 2013 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

The 2014 Winter Olympics is not too far off, so now is a good time to get winter sports travel insurance and get ready for the Games. Interest in the Games is at an all time high so it’s a good idea to get your accommodation and booking ready as soon as possible. If you have travel insurance but not sure about the schedule of the Games, here’s a guide to everything you need to know.

Sochi winter sports


The 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be from February 7th through the 23rd and will be staged in Sochi, Russia. The schedule for the skiing competition is as follows:

  • Freestyle: Feb 8; 10-11; 13-14; 17-18; 20-21
  • Alpine: Feb 8-9; 12; 14-16; 18-19; 22-23
  • Nordic combined: Feb 12; 18; 20
  • Ski jumping: Feb 8-9; 11; 14-15; 17
  • Cross country: Feb 8-9; 11; 13-16; 19; 22-23

The schedule for the other Olympic Games winter sports competitions can be found here.

Where to Get Tickets

To visit the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi you need to purchase tickets. Countries are given a certain number of tickets that they can sell, so you just need to go to one of your country brokers' website. You can also purchase tickets from the official Winter Olympics website, so check here, which countries' citizens could buy tickets via official ticketing website.

How to Get There

flight to Moscow

If you have your winter sports travel insurance ready, you can get a flight to Sochi via Moscow, as that’s where most of the connecting flights are. If you have travel insurance and all your papers are in order, you’ll be in Sochi in no time. There are several websites that allow you to compare air fare, with many specifically catering to UK and European travellers. When you get off the plane, get a taxi and ask to be taken downtown to the venue. During the Games it will be wintertime in Sochi, so wear clothes for -1 - +4 degrees C (30-40 degrees F), but you should bring some extra clothing in case the temperature suddenly goes down. It will also help to learn a few Russian phrases or bring a phrase book with you. You may also download Sochi 2014 Guide App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Where You Can Stay

Sochi Hotel

If your trip to Sochi is courtesy of a travel package then your accommodation and lodging will be included. This is the best option since they will take care of the logistics including your transport. Even better is the fact that some travel packages include tickets. If your travel package does not include transport, you can take the city’s public transport. But it is better to get an all inclusive package that not only provides transportation but also 24/7 support, particularly since you are in another country. If your travel package doesn’t include accommodation, you can stay in one of the many hotels in the city, including the Marins Park Hotel, the Primorskaya, the Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel and the Hotel Zhemchuzhina.

Travel Safety

Even if you are just going there to watch the games, it still pays to get winter sports travel insurance because there are a lot of activities that spectators can engage in. In addition to this, it makes sense to get a separate travel insurance so if something were to happen, you will be fully covered. Also, make sure to check FCO advice page for spectators travelling to the Games.

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