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How to Prepare for Your Post-Coronavirus Trip?

10 April 2020 by Anna Staford

Travel Information

Travelling and holidays might not be on the agenda in the short-term, but the world will resume travel again once everything is under control. If you have time on your hands, or you’re just looking for a new, positive project to keep busy and look ahead during this quarantine, then planning your post-coronavirus trip is a great way to help to lift spirits and help you to get ahead of the game once travelling kicks back in. You can also get loved ones involved too and plan the ideal trip for everyone.

Find the perfect destination

Travel destinations

Many airlines are releasing their flights in advance for the whole of 2021 and holiday travel organisations are offering package deals and accommodation ahead of schedule to allow everyone to plan their next holiday destination once travel can resume. To avoid making any last-minute plans once you can travel, or paying a fortune when demand picks up again, take the time to really research your most ideal and perfect trip away now.

If you fancy somewhere in Europe, maybe a cooler trip to Scandinavia, or sun drenched holiday to Southern Europe, then looking at the easyJet holidays site is a start to see all flights available in late 2020 to late 2021. As one of Europe’s main airlines, they’re actually offering flights well in advance at the moment. See their route map for all flight routes they operate. Or opt for a flight comparison sites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, Opodo and Momondo, but they are currently only showing flight schedules up to April 2021, so you may be best searching direct for summer 2021 inspiration.

Quite a few airline websites offer an ‘inspire me’ tool such as easyJet’s tool to help you decide from a range of factors to manage your options and source a holiday based on budget, departing airport, dates and your key factors for travelling such as a beach getaway, snowy expedition, family trip, solo tour, couples or honeymoon retreat, an island paradise or an action-packed adventure. This selection trip tool is useful to uncover what locations are perfectly matched to your criteria and to see what other people recommend. If you’re not restricted to Europe then why not use the iconic Lonely Planet resources such as this destination finder to explore which continent, country and city would be best suited to your next trip away! Once you’ve chosen your destination, why not use Lonely Planet destination travel guides to increase your knowledge on what the place has to offer and find out what other travellers recommend. Nothing’s better than relaxing with a nice travel book to get you excited about your trip! And your long awaited adventure will be all the better because you’ve prepared in advance.

Find the perfect travel offers

Travel offers

If cost is a major factor to choosing your holiday destination then why not use Skyscanner’s ‘Inspire me price map’ or easyJet’s ‘low fare finder’ to help you find your perfect location at the best price whilst on a budget. Although booking a holiday might not seem a top priority right now due to the uncertainty of the situation, airlines and accommodation are lowering their prices all the time, so it can be a great opportunity to lock-in a deal for later this year or 2021. Some airlines or travel packages are even offering a ‘Coronavirus guarantee’ so you can amend your dates and reschedule (without any additional charges), should your travel be impacted by coronavirus travel restrictions. For further peace of mind, why not speak to the travel company or airline on live chat or via phone or email to find out booking terms and conditions before you purchase.

Learn the local language

Being able to speak the local language in your trip destination can come in very handy, even if it’s just a few key phrases! Why not spend some of your quarantine time learning a new language through an app or website. Duolingo being one of the most well-known and user-friendly. If you’re travelling with other people or your family, why not get everyone involved and create a contest to see who knows the most words or phrases before your trip. You never know when using your phrases can come in good use, from asking directions, paying for goods or services to even just saying please, thank you and hello!

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Buy travel insurance and be prepared for any emergencies

The key advice that is always given by most travel experts is to make sure you buy travel insurance when you book flights or any travel. You need to know you have travel and medical cover in case you have any emergencies, so use your time wisely to research reliable travel insurance options that will cover you for what you need while you’re away and if you’re ever in any doubt, speak to travel insurance companies directly and ask them any questions. Why not search for reliable travel policy options on the highly-rated travel insurance company Globelink?

Plan your trip itinerary

Travel itinerary

With plenty of time before your trip away, why not plan out your itinerary for each day so you can make the most of your holiday. Consider researching restaurants, or any daytrips that you may want to book too. If you’re travelling with others, make it a group exercise to explore what the local destination has to offer and create a priority ranking list to determine which holiday activities come out on top. This way you can save any potential time wasted on researching, evaluating and debating holiday activity options when you’re on holiday!

Create a list of essential travel items

Packing and last-minute travel purchases can be time-consuming, costly and stressful. To be organised for your trip, why not create a list of travel items that you need to purchase and a packing list for your holiday? This way, you can take your time and know you have everything you need! It’s then just a case of crossing things off the list when the time comes! It’s a great timesaver so you don’t need to panic at the last moment, or spend any unnecessary time and a fortune while away on something that could have been simple and cheaper to source at home.

Important travel advice: Whenever and wherever you travel, always check FCO’s travel advice to help you stay safe and travel aware.

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